The map rotation is so bad

Why is there so little variation on the higher BRs?
It seeems to become worse as it goes, becoming extremly boring with the same maps over and over again…
And Gaijin? It`s called Suez, not Sues


You missed City, but yeah the udder lack of variation sucks


If I had to guess it has to do with poor optimization and AI issues.

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High tier air is very very boring map wise, there are only 2 maps that aren’t a flat area (City and Pyrenees), and only about 10 maps total.

It really sucks, but at least City and Pyrenees are good.

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They should port a version of Denmark over and give the GBU and ASM carriers something to do with all of the naval assets on that map

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Yeah, anyone remember that one winter map that got nuked from the rotation because there were so many lag issues caused by it? Anytime you tried to play on it there would be lag, now it’s gone. Another casualty of technical problems :(

I don’t get why we have to play on only Sinai, Vietnam, Golan Heights, Pyrenees, City, and Suez. There’s a whole lot more maps in the game that could get ported to higher tiers. Like Kuban… I loved that map in jets. Now you don’t see it, in any jet BR.