The magical jumping red square

The indicator of the last remaining player works flawlessly ever since it was introduced XD
The “jumping square” issue is with us for at least 3 years and probably a lot longer.
And Gaijin just doesn’t care to fix it.

The best part is, on some maps it can be invisible because you can’t unzoom the map enough to see where the square is. Only once you get to the presumed border, the map zooms out and it turns out there real map border is a few dozen kilometers away.

Thousands of people play this mode, no one seems to bother. I don’t get it. It’s annoying as hell.

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That mechanic to display MORE OR LESS where the last enemy is, should be removed. And it absolutely should never ever be pinpoint accurate at all if it’s going to stay. I get you wanna know where the last bot/spaceclimber is to kill it and move on, but it can also be you trying to carry 1vMany and enemy have your position broadcasted to all so that the entire enemy team can just come get you instead of trying to segregate them into somewhat isolated 1v1/2s to clean up the game.

Do you realise red squares are several km wide, like 15 or something. Also do you enjoy wasting an order each time some bomber guy decides to run the clock?
For a 4-stack finding such guy may be doable. GL having to do that solo with a chat banned team.

If I’m solo at the last 10m of the game, I want enemies to stick together. Otherwise 1 guy baits you into diving and you end up ded.

As you can see, I kill quite a lot. But I’m usually the one using the square. I’m on the receiving end only in some weird matches where I get damaged and have to land, since I stick to the fight instead of loitering around the map


Blind Hunt and Avenger should be gone as well. These mechanics to handhold or shorten battles shouldn’t even be there.

You can just hit ground and force anyone hiding out of it. I literally see no reason to just give the position away by some arbitrary game mechanic with no basis in reality.

And anyway, if it’s like 3+ fighters against a single bomber hiding somewhere, what’s holding you back to just land and find the next match

Hiting ground forces is fun once all your brain activity ceases and you turn into a zombie.
Air combat is what counts. And these mechwnics help deal with those who avoid it for extended periods of time, allowing me to end battles quicker.
I have maybe once in last 2000 battles really had a problem with being tracked down by orders.
Why? Because I engage the enemy, because that’s how one learns and develops.
If there’s Mk IX LF Spitfire over me? Oh well, he earned his advantage. I am honest and fair so if I get into bad situation, I will not milk the timer and map size just to score some more kills. I win alone often enough since German 5-6.0 is my most played BR range, so you can’t say I rarely solo carry.

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