The Long Lance Torpedo

The Long Lance ingame is historically innacurate, this torpedo is supposed to have a maximum range of 40km or around 22km depending on settings, the fact that you Gaijin decide to nerf the best thing Japanese naval has going for them is wack, like who is in charge of balancing this? Japanese ships dont have the crazy guns the US or USSR or everyone else does, but shine with their torpedoes which are much less effective than guns ingame, so the fact that you GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to nerf these things is crazy, is the balancing team just bored and have nothing else to do??


I got your point, but do not understand why complaining for torpedo range where we have so small maps
Imho Japanese torpedoes are the strongest in game and more than enough to sink any battleship or destroyer in game.


Now imagine they done this same in WoWs with Long Lance.
Tsushima all over again :D :D

You are aware that this is the actual case in game, the max range of the Type 93 varies between torpedo mods.

EG the Type 93 Model 1, Mod 2 has a range of 20km with a 490kg warhead
while the Type 93 Model 3 with a 780kg warhead has a range of 15km.

They used to have mods that allowed them to get up to those 40km ranges, but said mods were never actually used because there are seldom any maps that require the need of a 40km torpedo.

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What would the use case be for a 40 km torpedo if it also goes slower compared to the 20 km one?

Outside of naval EC you never need a torpedo that is capable to go beyond 20 km, and even in EC I’d find that choice questionable when it comes at the cost of speed.


And we see roughly this in game with the Type 93 Model 1 Mod 2.

With a heavier warhead variant, 300kg or so heavier warhead, while the torpedo goes from 2700kg to 2800kg. So something went missing there and im guessing its fuel. With the Type 93 Model 3.

Outside of torpedo mods we dont really get to adjust the burn rate of torpedoes. So unless you have a bug to report, stuff seems roughly in line with what one would expect?

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You are high on copium. There is literally no situation in game where a long lance will be able to hit a ship from 15-20km distance that it can still reach. Also japanese cannons work just fine.

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Well… in low tier japan suffer… a lot.
No AP or SAP shell… The only reliable weapon imho are torps…

I didn’t even consider low tier since there the current long lance max range is 2-3 times larger than average fighting distance so his whining seems even more pointless. Also american and russian guns of this BRs arent any much different from other countries so that claim falls flat too. But sure japan on low BR is on average undergunned, with some exceptions, but their torps work with no problem.

Actually there is - the AI carriers in the open sea AB maps - I’ve managed to get within 15km of a couple and sink a couple… would be easier if the range was longer! :)

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Yep - they didn’t make any for the 12.7cm gun that is in virtually all the DD’s -


I think if there is a clear connection between those being few kilometres behind long lance max range lol

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I wouldn’t argue that point!

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Naval Enduring Confrontation exists…you know the gamemode that naval players actually play??

Naval EC exists???

Once again naval EC

Naval EC

yeah good luck hitting something above that 20km. Unless you want to spam spawns, then it is good choice they are limited


I have no trouble getting games with other players in Naval AB, and it funds everything else I do in the game.

But I guess I’m not actually a naval player or some such bullshit since it doesn’t fit your myopic narrative.


Of course I knew ( it’s one of my favourite GM), why shouldn’t I?
However my statement does not change :)