The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

The real no and normally CCE “Camouflage Centre Europe”. There are several versions where the shape and color patterns change and the one already present in the game is actually based on the German pattern. Which clearly shows the incompetence of the French advisor because it took me 5 minutes to find a website that talks about it and I believe that it was Mobius who even found the technical drawing which represents shape and layout camouflage.

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I made a suggestion for the CCE cammo, it was approved the 2 September but it is still not visible…

This is a shame… Its a beautiful camo which we don’t have and we have the copypaste carc

The ironic thing is that even if we get the correct CCE camo, it’ll technically be too late since France has moved to the SCORPION camo:

So even if we get the CCE, it’ll be out of date for modern vehicles.

I made a thread to suggest that they at least change the base color from solid green to brown “terre de France”, but gaijin doesn’t seem too interested


The problem with brun de terre is that at the moment, there isn’t many french tank that should get it

Currently yeah, the VBCI-2 and Leclerc SXXI could’ve gotten it but that’s about it. But for future vehicles it should be a thing, and adding it now just reduces the amount of work for later.
It’s not like it would be time consuming to add since it’s a solid color. An experienced texture artist could pobably get it done in 10 mins.

Still, I’m pretty annoyed that the VBCI only got the base green camo. It should’ve gotten the brun terre de France or CCE since it’s a premium vehicle, solid green is just lazy.


Tbh CCE looks much better then this.

The best thing is to add both ^^. Because personally I find the “real” CCE so pretty. 😍😍




Still no news about this two issues after weeks, there is someone we can tag so this two issue can get looked on?

Leclerc frontal armor fails to ricochet high angle shells // // Issues
Leclerc incorrect turret side armor // // Issues



This one got forwarded: Leclerc incorrect turret side armor // // Issues

the one made by @Mobius_Einherjar still doesn’t lets hope this gets looked as well.


Sadly forwarded only means they’ll look at it when the time comes. So probably in about 2 years

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Thanks for the update. Looks like historical reports are moving a lot faster this time of year than the past, but maybe it’s observation bias.

It is true. They more or less deleted all the ones before to start fresh. Same with the suggestions

I’m starting to think that Smin might be ignoring me lol, this isn’t the first time I pinged him and got no reply .

Even so, his interventions don’t really help…

Well if he could at least forward my bug report about the frontal armor thing , that would be nice.

I made a bug report concerning HE shells for the SXX1 and AZUR, here. 120 OE F1 would perform like the DM11 of the PSO (37mm of pen) but without the time fuze.


You could add this part from my comment here:


“Designing the first ever dismountable protection blocks in the world eases the Satory’s engineers work. For the Leclerc XXI, the technical approach consists of replacing the side passive blocks (NERA) for lighter reactive modules (ERA)

Page 76 of “Modern tanks’ ballistic protection”, or “La Protection Balistiques des Chars Modernes” part of the “Trucks & Tanks Magazine,‎ N°66, mars-avril 2018, ISSN:1957-4193”


Better penetration. Leclerc currently has the second worse penetration at top tier, being only slightly better than the Challenger 2s

Unfortunately, Leclerc firepower is within the realm of realism and there is not much that can be done in that aspect (aside from adding SHARD Mk.1). Contrary to the popular belief, DU APFSDS aren’t superior to WHA rounds in all instances.

DU offers a penetration advantage for low muzzle velocities, beyond those speeds uranium brittle nature becomes more evident in the performance. Take a look at the following graph:


Given that OFL F1 and F2 use the same penetrator (DM43) and their muzzle velocities are 1790m/s and 1740m/s, respectively; to expect a significant performance increase from F2 is a little too optimistic.

Original F2 saw limited production after safety concerns related to the DU used emerged. To this day, France main antitank rounds are OFL 120 F1 and 120 OFLE F1B; both with similar capabilities according to what is publicly known.

So, instead of focusing on a DOA round, we should focus on the penetrator itself (or SHARD Mk.1). DM43 is currently modeled as a 585mmx22mm (for comparison, DM53 is 685mmx22mm, M829A2 is 680mmx22mm and 3BM60 640mmx22mm). There are conflicting statements over the length of DM43 with some sources pointing at 600mmx23mm (with a 3% increase in penetration over current F1).


(Notice anti-ERA tip of DM53)