The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Us viewers can’t see any joint file you might have added, did you add @AdmiralFrenchFry pictures? The language was pretty explicit and clear cut.

Oh no right I didn’t. Thanks for reminding

Wow s2 but heavier what a worthy addition indeed still retaining 200-250mm protection ufp. Now thats a proper mbt.

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Where is that from so I can add a source?

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According to him:

The text is under the fourth spoilered picture, on the right side.


Any news on the reports?

Oh if you actually believe bug reports are going to change anything, you’re very much mistaken 😆
It may work for the USA, Germany, and particularly the USSR, but getting a French top tier vehicle buffed is as likely as hell freezing over …

Yeah thats a shame, we’ve also need some iconic camo for the vehicles as well while some vehicles have a lot of camo when we lack one of the most important one for french vehicles


France does have it, just not for free =/

Only the leclerc s2 does have it, as a community skin, that camo is one of the most used by france so why they don’t add it as a skin even for 200 ge?

My apologies I may have misidentified it. That’s not CARC camo?

The real no and normally CCE “Camouflage Centre Europe”. There are several versions where the shape and color patterns change and the one already present in the game is actually based on the German pattern. Which clearly shows the incompetence of the French advisor because it took me 5 minutes to find a website that talks about it and I believe that it was Mobius who even found the technical drawing which represents shape and layout camouflage.

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I made a suggestion for the CCE cammo, it was approved the 2 September but it is still not visible…

This is a shame… Its a beautiful camo which we don’t have and we have the copypaste carc

The ironic thing is that even if we get the correct CCE camo, it’ll technically be too late since France has moved to the SCORPION camo:

So even if we get the CCE, it’ll be out of date for modern vehicles.

I made a thread to suggest that they at least change the base color from solid green to brown “terre de France”, but gaijin doesn’t seem too interested


The problem with brun de terre is that at the moment, there isn’t many french tank that should get it

Currently yeah, the VBCI-2 and Leclerc SXXI could’ve gotten it but that’s about it. But for future vehicles it should be a thing, and adding it now just reduces the amount of work for later.
It’s not like it would be time consuming to add since it’s a solid color. An experienced texture artist could pobably get it done in 10 mins.

Still, I’m pretty annoyed that the VBCI only got the base green camo. It should’ve gotten the brun terre de France or CCE since it’s a premium vehicle, solid green is just lazy.


Tbh CCE looks much better then this.

The best thing is to add both ^^. Because personally I find the “real” CCE so pretty. 😍😍