Change base color to "brun terre de France" for modern ground vehicles

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So recently France changed the camouflage pattern of its vehicles from the three tone “camouflage Centre Europe” to the “Scorpion” camouflage.


While we all know that gaijin isn’t going to add pattern camo as base camo for non premium vehicles, what’s interesting is that vehicles will have a base brown camouflage, with the shapes being added depending on the theater where they get deployed (here’s an example for snow). What I suggest is that modern vehicles, like the Leclerc SXXI or the VBCI and EBRC Jaguar when they get added, be given this camo as base camo. This would be more realistic and a better representation of modern French vehicles.





Would be nice if the VBCI-2 was changed to this color as it is more accurate.


We need this please gaijin 🙏

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+1, gaijin needs to care more about historical and individual reality more