The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

I agree. Let’s play it safely and request Gaijin changes the Leclerc’s top speed from 72 kph to Mach 3.

What are the projected optics for this variant ? Perhaps Paseo ?

Gunner sight is having the thermal imager interchanged with 4th generation SATIS. Commander sight will be PASEO - perhaps the newest version which is why it’s taking so long?

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Mach 5 or no deal.


yea but lets be honest if we give realistic reloads to autoloaders
t80 would have a 7.1s reload
t90m: 7.5 sec
t72: 7.5 sec
leclerc: 5 sec
type 10: 3.5 sec
cv90 105/ 120 : 7.5 sec to 10 sec depending on elevation
Type 99A: 6 sec
M1128 Stryker: 6 sec
AMX 13 and the SK 105 : 5 sec
and also realistically a manual loader can load rounds as fast or even faster until he becomes tired
imagine how mad people would be if that was in game
but also that would be an L for russian tanks which is funny

CV90120 does have the better autoloader of 5 second CV90105 dosent,T80’s reload are correct without including gun handling, and type 10 has a 3.4 sec to 2.2 sec depending on the power input to the autoloader, idk about ZTZ99 or the T90M but im sure the ZTZ 99 its correct as it stands correct me if im wrong

yea some tanks have emergency modes that lets them override the autoloader and give them a faster reload with a trade of damaging the breach and the autoloader itself ( Leclerc has that )
also the fire rate of the t80/72 and ztz depends on the position of the rounds they want to fire in the carousel
also form what i know the gunner for the T series has to press a button every time he wants the gun to be loaded making the loading process longer
ZTZ also has a more modern and faster autoloader that is better than the T 80 and t 72

reallistic autoloading its a hell of a balance

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Tbh i hope gaijin keeps the CV-105 reload the same just so it stays 10.0, as a 7.5 second reload would 100% come with a (likely undeserved) downtier. Its just unfortunate that gaijin decided to model it wrong off the bat instead of adding it with the worse reload to begin with.

t80 would have a 6.x - 7.1s reload depending on elevation.
t90m: 6.x - 7.5 sec depending on elevation.
t72: 6.x - 7.5 sec depending on elevation.
leclerc: 5 - 6.5 sec depending on elevation.
type 10: 3.5 - 5 seconds depending on elevation.
cv90 105/ 120 : 7.5 sec to 10 sec depending on elevation
Type 99A: 6 - 7.5 sec depending on elevation.

Not my opinions, just correcting your post to include the estimated maximum for all vehicles, not just Soviet and Swedish.

Last I checked for AMX-13 it was 6 flat, with a multi-minute reload of the carousel.
And M1128 is 7.5 to my knowledge, with a 7.5 second reload of the drum when turret is forward.

Manual loaded tanks would be 4 seconds for 10 rounds, then around 5 for another 10.

iv researched all of the fire rate for those tanks and for the stryker you are essentially wrong because in practice it has a 6 second reload irl
for the rest yes it depends on the gun elevation

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Somehow you forgot that Leclerc can fire much faster than 5 seconds in emergency mode.

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T-80 achieves 6 seconds when loading from the first cycle (which is how every autoloader is modelled).

From a standstill? Sure. But in terms of sustained rate of fire, it’s at best 9rds/min for NATO 120mm. Funnily enough, the Leopard 2 is stated to have a sustained RoF of 9rds/min whereas Abrams is at best 8rds/min, yet only one of those has a 5 second reload.

Patria CT-CV 105HP and CV90105 should have their reloads nerfed and put at an appropriate BR. That’s why the BR system exists after all.

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I think it’s also worth considering the blow out panels of manually loaded NATO 120 is only effective outside of reload, which is not the case of autoloaded ones, with the panels opened for a small part of the loading process (both for the Type 90/10 and Leclerc). Considering people a lot of people want to strike down on autoloaders by nerfing them with many realistic measures, it would only be faire to consider those kind of realistic measures for manually loaded tanks (with introduction os sustained rate of fire)

the fastest reload for European tanks and Asian tanks

That is already a part of the game. I’ve tested it on Leopard 2s, and noticed that they will experience ammunition detonation if the turret rack is hit during the loading process.

Gotta be careful with video cause the speed-up slow-down can occur.
From the recording being at fault, to an editing/rendering error, to intentional change.
Video is a pain to work with and rightfully should be taken with a grain of salt when speed is involved.

Sometimes video can be vetted by dozens of experts, like that of the Leopard 2 sprint with a 4 second reload for 5+ rounds.

I’ll have to test that myself some day.