The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Looking at recent report history i’d say we got a nice chance to recieve Spall Liners, changes on fuel tanks and armor improvements.

There are pretty good informations about the spall liners on the VBCI and Leclerc, but the layout isn’t fully confirmed yet. Fuel tank was a lot easier, after all, the bulkhead of the Leclerc is bigger than even on the Abrams where they are considered external. Armor improvement, their existence is well known, but their exact values are still highly debatable, which is exactly the kind of thing gaijin wants to be the most precise possible

İm trusting to Wareta on this.

So far he accomplished great things and i believe he will not let us down on these ones.


@DELTACLUSTER sorry for bother you
Earlier this days you posted this snippet



By any chance do you have the full page of it? I can recognize the book because we do have it but i can’t find this precise page.


You mean the full page as a screenshot? I’ll try to find it again. Do you need an image or a page number?


Full Image with page number possibly.

Leclerc AZUR incorrect name // // Issues

Leclerc S1 incorrect name // // Issues


I got you covered:



Thanks a lot!

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Leclerc S1 name acknowledged and closed.
If implemented, then this is good. Veryyy good……

The way you make it sound makes me think this has a greater impact that I believed at first. Am I missing something?

using S1OP would basically make it an S2 without the AC unit, meaning it would get the exact same armor buffs as the S2.
That would also open the path for a premium prototype using the current, unbuffed S1


Additionally to @vizender words, Gaijin model the last variant of each vehicle, the last was RT5, also named S1OP.

Futhermore, Gaijin always models the latest variant of a vehicle. Since Leclerc S1 currentlyhas the same armor level as the Leclerc S2, it being renamed to “Leclerc S1OP” only makes sense.

look forward to that change in 2027


true that lol

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Seeing that you guys are working a magnum opus of a bug report. I wish you luck. @WaretaGarasu


Hey yall, is there a thread dedicated to the Leclerc XLR? I am curious on how it varies from current Leclercs.

Better optics (gen4 thermal imager), armor upgrade, teleported machine gun, better AZUR kit than the one in game would be the most noticeable upgrades to the s21