The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

To add to that, the French have a doctrinal procedure called “offensive reconnaisance”, depending on whats available, this order can either go to a tank platoon, consisting of Leclercs and VBL Scouts or the lighter wheeled cannon platoons (AMX-10RC or Jaguar with VBLs).

So based on doctrine, this request is accurate.


Hi @Gunjob , sorry for bothering. May you take a look at this bug report? Thanks!

Leclerc (All) Front Fuel Tank Should be an ‘Exterior Fuel Tank’ // // Issues


Not a bug report for the Leclerc, but since the VBCI is the only other feasible vehicle at top-tier I figured I’d leave it here since it will be a substantial buff:

VBCI-2 (MCT30) Incorrect Chassis Armour

Maybe since its a premium the devs might actually get around to making a fix sooner /s

Anyway… @Gunjob , could you please take a look at this?


Done and done.


Update: So I decided to check every MBT I have access to on asphalt.
All but Ariete, Challenger 2, Type 10, and Type 90 got to 50KPH in about 11 seconds +/- 1 margin of error on non-crewed test drives.
I tested my expert-crewed tanks that got to 50kph in about 11 seconds without being crewed and they got to 50kph in ~9.4 seconds.
So I suspect that everything tested gets to 50kph in about 9 seconds on expert crew.
The ~11 [9 expert] second tanks: Leclerc SXXI, T-80U, T-90M, M1A2 SEP2, M1A2, M1IP, Leopard 2A5 & PSO.

This is purely raw data and I personally have no conclusion based on this information.

This clearly show that there is clear simplification on the physics engine of the game, which still correlates with the talk about the Leclerc. However, I’ll add that from experience, the acceleration curve of the Leclerc S21 and AZUR compared to -as an exemple- the strv122A makes it slower at the beginning until about 40kph where it will start out accelerating it

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Thank you for you effort. Highly apprechiated o7

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Now… you see, this makes sense. Every game has to translate the physics into some code that may be very, very simplified for its use. Because it enables you to have 100 vehicles present in the same battle, all using a simple code that makes the game performance insanely good (something WT benefits from massively). At the same time, it is funny, that a game like WT actually models atmospheric resistance with temperature for shells, but doesn’t have torque or turbo dynamics modeled. I guess for the original idea of GF with nothing but non-turbo engines, it obviously didn’t matter.

But now that we reached present time, the addition may in fact be quite useful to include (a quick sidestep on this matter: Some planes actually feature superchargers, so there could be a man or woman with expertise on this in the team). Torque seems even more of a thing to take interest in. The difficulty with all of this is naturally, that they need solid data on every torque curve of every tank which… with over 600 vehicles in GF alone… means that is a huuuge task.

Just replying to get this post accessible from now. Still not a single new report as been implemented. The average time since they were acknowledge is about 3 months. There’s at least 15 bug reports acknowledged as of now


And the average time for a bug report ot be implemented on a French vehicle is 3 years. So see you in 2026-2027 I guess 🤡

Finally I can play to fixed Leclerc


So much for it’s survivability I shot the upper plate the breach went yello while I took out his engine. Then he slapped me.
Leclerc survives more than one would think.

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Some memes about this predicament. See how long until they get flagged…

If any of you have seen the movie "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino


Most likely why Gaijin hates France


Gaijin when dealing with bug reports about the Leclerc's reload


They spend more time and effort trying to find some random source to reject a bug report istg


Devs dealing with bug reports for different nations


Suspend me from the forums already


What’s even the point anymore ?


even Italian vehicles also have bug reports open for years but are ignored


Leclerc definitely feels worse than before and barely competitive going up against 2A7V, T90M and Strv122B+
Also whose idea was it to put russia, germany and sweden on the same team so often at high/top tier GRB?


What i fail to understand is, where are :

  • OFL 120 F2
  • OFLE 120 F1B

I can understand the mismodelling, but a whole set of ammunition is beyond me


Right it makes no sense. If they insist on keeping the Leclerc protection gimped and undertuned, then they need to admit that it’s outmatched in their fantasy game and needs rebalancing, either with a much better dart, reload or lower BR.
Same with Arietes.

Can’t have it both ways.

Most of the people who play the Leclerc aren’t braindead so they have decent stats in it.

Gaijin uses ammo/reload as a balancing tool. That’s why it’s not in game yet (and lack of data)

Lack of data simply isn’t true anymore. 15 secondary sources, 1 primary source, 3 videos isn’t lack of data for the Leclerc. A 3 pages document with sources, pictures and estimations isn’t either