The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Leclerc MBTs Incorrect Front Fuel Tanks Geometry/Categorization // // Issues


Thank you for the quick work. Is there any source that describes the front fuel tank specifically as a structual one? Because that will nail this topic down and we’re 100% solid.


But there’s a hole in the floor through which you can clearly see the tanks. You can hardly argue with that, unfortunately. But we can ask for them to model the floor as a layer of armor. That may help with spall that usually hits this area and sets them ablaze.

@WaretaGarasu Could I ask you to look into another report for exactly that? The floor that covers the bottom fuel tanks at least partially? It is colored in blue on the diagram of the internals. If we get them as internal armor, we may have won a little bit more in regards to survivability.

For this, this image might also help a little:

Also, I promised to provide some statements about armor and speed out of a book and I will tomorrow.


From an updated Leclerc diagram i had laying around, which is what i have been using.


That is the issue as you said, it covers it partially, as you can see:



That wouldn’t probably be an issue, since there is also the turret covering a good part of this holes:



i doubt fuel tanks exploding on the belly would hurt the crew, but according to Gaijin classification of things in fact it is internal since there really isn’t a single bulkhead keeping off the fuel tank explosion.


It is worth making an attempt at getting that bulkhead into the game, no? At worst it does nothing, but at best, we get less instant kaboom death.

Great that you use that. Is is even more detailed. And thanks to your bug report I actually understood that the front fuel tank is one large tank, going all the way up to the filler port on the right side in front of the turret. Which finally solved my age old question on how the hell they fill that tank up. Because in my reality, having an exclusive fuel tank you cannot easily fuel up made no sense to me. But now that I saw the updated version with the proper coloring of the entire front tank, I finally grasped it.

Do you have any information to prove that the Leclerc tanks in the game currently lack protection? If so, please submit it as soon as possible. I believe Gaijin will soon write an article discussing the issue of Leclerc, just like they did with Challenger 2 tanks. Article here: [Development] Discussing reports related to the Challenger 2 MBT

That report will perhaps happens soon.


Leclerc MBTs missing Roof MGs // // Issues


Problem being that there are multiple reports to be made :
Front UPF lacking up to 300mm KE protection,
Leclerc should be able to withstand 30mm caliber and RPG7 all around the crew compartment
Turret protection of the base Leclerc is wrong
Added protection in the s2 is wrong
Added protection on the s21 is wrong.

All of these reports adds up quite a bit


Dont forget the Spall Liners as well.


Hey, have you got any news on that?

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Making images right now

Ok, thank you.

Now, i hope this can aid you for today. I head to bed as I am extremely tired. Tomorrow, I give you a small overview over what I have found based on these statements and of course you are welcome to follow your own trails.


Hi, its fine.
We already have all of that, however i do appreciate it.

Have a good night.

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There is currently a mistake with the Leclerc’s turret in game, it should be able to turn at any time, no matter how the hull turns itself

But right now in the game, we can’t move the turret if the hull is already turning itself, which is completely wrong

Ah, well. So far that’s all I got. I wasn’t aware all of this was already posted, but 2800 posts is… a substantial amount. I heard about a new book on the Leclerc coming in June. But it will be written in French. So research might be a bit more challenging.


Yes. We actually figured out that the turret can is capped at 40°/s compared to the ground not the hull, meaning that if the hull goes at like 30°/s in one direction the turret is able to go at 70°/s in the other. However that is not something that would be model by the devs in this game so we did not mention that


I hope gaijin didn’t use this kind of statistics to buff or nerf the leclerc… because otherwise it’s bullsh**…

I played against him today.

Name of the player " 不利于孤儿吹苏的话不要说 "

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Pretty sus

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They always do use stats. My guess is that with the implementation of spall liners to other nations + x2 new Leopard 2s and a STRV-122 sank the Leclercs’ winrate. Hence why we (finally) got the reload buff