The Ki83 is awful in 2023-2024

No lol, only the heavy fighters/bombers usually. Most single engine planes do fine.

I spaded it.

It wasnt amazing, but to me it felt… Fine honestly. Perfectly workable.

That said I preferred the J5N1 to fly, it felt a bit more maneouverable with its slats.

F7F definitely feels better than both of them imo

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Well, it is an interceptor. It excels at its task of destroying bombers, but since the gamemode has currently relegated bombers to oblivion, there are often matches where there is nothing to intercept. So, there is no choice but to face single-engine fighters, which will undoubtedly outperform you.

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I would personally drop the J5N1 to 4.0-4.3, as it flies similarly to an Me-410 more than anything. The Ki-83 could be 5.3 with airspawn or 4.7 without it.

It can get to high altitude rather quickly, yes.

But it can’t do anything with that altitude due to horrible control stiffening at only moderate diving speeds. The level flight speed and acceleration are also not great, even at high altitudes.

I have the same opinions about similar craft in other trees - the Hornet and F7F-1.


You REALLY don’t see an issue with that?

No I do not, nor would I with corresponding changes on the Hornets and F7Fs.

Climb rate means very little if the platform lacks the maneuverability and diving speed to then use the altitude it can reach effectively. All people need to do to avoid it is…not try stall-climbing up to it.

It means a lot considering you fundamentally can’t be killed in a BnZ scenario if played correctly. It’s the main reason the XP50 is overpowered. F7F isn’t ever going below 6.0 btw it isnt bad, same with hornet

And if your target can evade almost pathetically easily due to your plane stiffening up in even a moderate dive, sure you can avoid dying yourself (until a 3rd party comes in), but you can’t secure a kill on anyone that isn’t already distracted by someone else.

bluds are expecting I spend all the day on the forum like them 💀💀

the only time i’ve been killed by a ki83 is when I was afking to stir the lentils then i arrived to my burning yak3u and the kill feed shows i was shot down by a ki83.

I’ve outfought them on tu-2, a damn bomber. I out fought them on i225 and f7f too. The Ki83 is not a good aircraft. It was good before when Type 5s and Ho155 (both 30mm) had insane muzzle velocity, insane range and insane damage and were insanely easy to use completely disregarding the nose authority of the carriers because it was negated by going 990m/s and one hit killin anything (that’s pretty much how I forged my 3.5kd on the j5n1 and ki83 before the guns got the nerf of the time)

performance wise the ki83 is only good at dealing with f8f-1b’s because these planes ain’t better. I just keep seeing the reddit mindset of “if good guns is good” or “if good climb is good” so when both combine “the plane is a unit” despite it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The Hornet Mk3 is superior in every single regard and it can also outdogfight it in an air rb scenario because the hornet does not compress as badly.

it’s not about it being unable to dogfight, english ham. It’s about it being unable to go faster than 550kmh at peak altitude and losing all the speed til you hit 400kmh. Just because it climbs a tad better than the rest of super props doesn’t mean it’s relevant. It’s not like an XP50 that climbs like a 109 K4 at 4.0 against a full set of heavy yaks without wep, radial engine anton 190s and early zeroes, it’s like a p38k that is slower, compresses more and does everything worse while climbing 1m/s quicker than the rest of stuff.

Too much text? Summed up: Ki83 does not need to dogfight. It simply doesn’t enjoy the privilege of extending for how stupid slow it is. If the guns were still as good as they were 5 years ago I would still like it as a “one chance aircraft” but the type 155 30mm’s are objectively worse than any other 20mm in game. How I can one-shot a corsair with two shvaks but can’t even cripple a spitfire after emptying thirty 30mm’s on it is just insane.

Your stats in this plane don’t seem that awful.

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well, my stats on sea fury are much better and it’s an even worse aircraft. What do stats have to do with how objectively bad or good a vehicle is? Defyn’s worst kill death ratio is 52 on the Sakeen, does it mean that the plane is flying is good? No, is the Sakeen of the israeli tech tree any good? He’s just among the best in the entire game; and anyone being slightly good can make bad planes work.

Your Kdr is slightly better than your average in realistic.

what are you trying to convey? why are you constantly deviating topics? This topic is about ki83 and the uselessness of japanese 30mm. Stick to the topic or leave.

You are complaining about a plane you seem to do well with.

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what does that even mean? Defyn does fifty times as good in the worst planes in game, just because he’s good is his opinion invalidated? Oh wait, it’s because i’m not as bad as you think! therefore yall pulling the “you do good in it why complain?”

You have come a long way from that post on reddit about the mig-19. Honestly I don’t even disagree with you half the time at least now lol.

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