The ka50 and it’s problem in top tier

The KA50 has no place in 11.0-11.7. What’s the point of paying money if the second you elevate you get a MAW alert and all your flares are gone? No thermals and a mediocre sight you can’t even shoot back at the spaas launching at you. Not to mention most tanks survive vikhr missiles you’ll need to launch multiple for the same target if they have some how survived. I even got a hit on a light tank from above ( didn’t hit its engine or gun) Stop the stigma that the ka50 is over powered because it isn’t you are just blinded from nostalgia from 4 years ago. It should be brought down to 10.7 again

Oh bu hu, I can’t use my Ka50 as an unkilleable point and click one trick pony anymore. How sorry I am for you. Imagine having to use your brain to find a better position than right above the heli spawn. How could gaijin give other nations aside from Russia SPAA with more than 10 kilometers range.

The Ka50 is right where it needs to be, honestly I would vote for a BR raise to 11.3. And just so you know the missiles not killing everything one hit is only one part your skill issue, second part a bug causing no HE damage. Goddamn rage baiters got me again


…Are you seriously complaining about the KA-50? Imagine how people who don’t even have MAWS (Japanese Apache) and have to deal with the inconsistent Hellfires ingame feel…


KEK, some Ruski false-flagged this dude’s post.

Yep, which is accurate.

Only have TOW-2 levels of pen, you gotta aim for weakspots with that sub-par sight.

It’s fine at 11.0, just gotta adapt to its rather atrocious weaknesses.

Heard HE detonation bug. It is decent at 11.0 but this post was made in tears after a hstvl survived 4 vikhr missiles

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Lucky HSTVL driver.

Ka-50 would be egregiously OP at 10.7

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I remember this one from Phlydaily and his demonstration in the first 30 seconds of the video, on point and click of the Ka-50…

the KA 50 is the strongest heli in the game. this is a skill issue and a lack of understanding in how the game works


You have never used the ka50 have you? It is nowhere close to meta or have you never heard of the ka52 rooivalk or any Chinese helicopter.

Four years ago…

Oh well. You’re right to complain. However, your statement actually applies to all helicopters in BR 10.3 and higher.

Your WL ratio and your KD are completely fine for helicopters. Many people have even better stats with the K50 from the time when it could rage quite undisturbed.

The radar SAMs make it so difficult for the helicopters that you spend 95% of the time behind a mountain. And even there they are hunted by low-flying aircraft.

On 11.7 things get really bad when the VT -1 are so fast that you can save yourself evasive maneuvers.
And you don’t even fly with the K50 against Pantsirs, who then shoot your rockets out of the sky with cannons.

The fact is: you have to like helicopters and live with the fact that you are more of a mouse in the cat-mouse game. Otherwise, it’s better to switch to jets.


Erm, Z19? The one with missiles half your speed, same pen, half range and hell fire trajectory? Or Z-10, the one with higher pen, still 4km shorter range and a 1960s RWR? The RWR is like: Oh radar warning, let me guess PANTSIR, Mig29 or Su27? Which direction, no idea.

Have you tried to not slew the maw to the countermeasures ?

Damn bro you cracked it thanks for the great idea

Not that I think the helicopter-situation is good, but as for now, the Ka-50 is still in the best state compared to other nation’s helis, especially premium ones. The AHS (Apache in the Swedish TT) sits at 0.3 BR higher and has no MAW, not to mention automatic flares. It also can’t proxy incoming SPAA missiles with Hellfires unlike the Vikhrs can. And you have to deal with Pantsirs… aren’t it’s missiles even faster than VT-1s?

The whole situation around helicopters is a huge mess. Gamemodes, TT arrangement and RP economy and the biggest problem of all: battle ratings. As for now the threads concerning helicopters shouldn’t be “that heli bad” or “that heli too good”, we should discuss a major rework as a whole.

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