The Israel ground problem

russia pilled nonsense, ignoring your nonsense from this point forward

How do you know it’s an M321 and not something else?

IMI only produced 3 kinds of 120mm APFSDS shells: M321, M322 and M338. Based on the length of the tip, it can’t be another round.



M321 also uses a shorter cartrigde of 936mm

Namer 10.3? Is dead… Israel dont have lineup here…

a sub tree from Latin America or Chile will be good for Israel, the tiran 5 Uruguayans would be a good premium

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yes, now that they denied Argentina for Germany and that they said that Benelux did not have enough for its own TT, I think that Latin American vehicles with a close relationship with Israel could be useful in this TT.

when I have time I will make this suggestion for Israel: the TAM 2CA2 “little merk” lol


we also want TAM2IP and SABRA!!!

cmon gaijnnnnnnnnnnn