The HVSD/ADAMS, the SPAA Israel desperately needs (Info)

Here’s an extreme simplification of a post made by Ofekk, around a year ago.
I highly recommend reading his suggestion if you want to get more in depth as to how the vehicle works as well as more accurate specifications.

The HVSD/ADAMS is basically what happens when you take a CIWS, 12 In the Launcher + 12 Stored 12km range thrust vectoring BARAK-1 missiles and slap them onto a truck.

It has 12 missiles in the rear launcher as well as 12 more in boxes for the launcher to reload and a Block 1B PSuM Phalanx (Has FLIR and a longer barrel compared to the one in game) that can also fire Mk.149 APDS shells.

The BARAK-1 Missile features a thrust deflecting motor which will give it insane maneuverability while also featuring great range where if the target is far enough away the missile will first fly upwards to 5.5 kilometers altitude then turn towards the target, making it easier to hit longer range targets compared to missiles that travel straight towards the target while also being able to hit targets within 500m due to its fast response time.

The BARAK-1 also features a reduced smoke motor which should leave a less noticeable trail compared to other SAM systems.

The Phalanx radar has a 20km range on the Ku band (Operating frequency 14GHz-15Ghz) (Pantsir is on K band and Ito 90M is on J band) and can track up to 40 targets at the same time (Similar TWS mode to the Pantsir) while also featuring good accuracy.

The Gun has an increased firerate of 4500 rounds per minute (Current RPM on Machbet/Hovet/M163 is 3000) with great elevation angles as well as a fast traverse mechanism.

Here’s a picture showing how the Lofting ability works:

This is a repost from the old forum with some additional info

Some additional Videos (idk how to create spoilers pls help):


Might as well share this again:
Janes Land based Air Defense 1992-1993

So from my understanding is some of the systems were tested/real but it didn’t develop as a whole unit, past full-scale mock up. But I haven’t dug too deep into looking into this vehicle. So my information is very surface level. Sorry the information isn’t too helpful


Pretty sure it was already passed to the devs but nonetheless still cool to have extra info
Recently found a few clips of the Barak-1 Missile and it is so much more agile than I expected

Also I don’t know how much of a Mockup it was unless the screen is projecting a static image


Any new and better SPAA for nations other than Russia or China is welcome. +1 from me, there needs to be more parity in SPAA capabilities at top tier so Russia and China cant control the sky so much

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It was indeed developed into a fully functioning prototype. The image from Jane’s shows the actual mockup.

This is the prototype:

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