The Gripen C and its Loadout for Sweden

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You two should take your childish bickering to dms. Seriously if you’re gonna start going off topic either leave or go to dms thanks.

Hi, me again they acknowledged the 5th bomb pylon but haven’t done anything and its the last Dev server update before going to live. Maybe when it goes to live they’ll add it but my hopes aren’t up for that, The addition for AGM-65/F/G bug report was denied for “not enough evidence that isn’t 3rd party”.

I do not believe they will add the other AGM-65 versions and I think it’ll be some time before they add a 5th bomb pylon.


As per usual you cant have decent agms on the swedish gripen. Ngl RB75T’S are here a bit too late. Guess were stuck with using gbu’s unlike the rest of the gripens.

This is pretty stupid.

Guess Sweden isn’t allowed competent air to ground.

Of course not, not like the strike viggens have been useless at that since their introduction and even the gripen is mid copared to everyone else(except germany, i have them and yeah CAS with the tornado sucks)

I mean this is just unacceptable.

SAAF Gripen recieved AİM-9M,R-Darter and AGM-65G due to balancing concern even tho it never used those armaments, why would Swedish JAS39C cant get AGM-65D/G?

Its not like we’re asking some broken stuff.


I just recieved Smin’s answer about AGM-65D/G situation.

He said its currently not planned but we can submit bug report for it, considering other Gripen’s recieved ordinance they didnt use i believe we have a high chance to get those Mavericks.

They also extended the Dev Server duration which will benefit us even more.

If Sweden Gripen can’t get compatible stuff for balancing, they should remove this. Britain already has ARH carriers outside of the SAAF Gripen, that are laden accurately.

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I believe best solution would be to add other Maverick variants to the Swedish JAS39C, this way all 3 of them will be pretty much equal in every category.

But i understand why you said that, tbh this shouldnt be a discussion in the first place.

Oh, I agree. Sweden should get the kit that is compatible. However, if they stick to their current decisions, it is only just that the SAAF Gripen lose weaponry that wasn’t used. Only reasonable course of action.

Just shit to end up in this position, especially when the SAAF Gripen was sold to us on the fact it would never receive ARH.


Copy paste from other thread:
Hey guys!

Radar report is now made!
Pinging @Gunjob here again because i’m a bit restless after all that work hehe x)

I predict JAS39C Gripen from sweden tech tree in dev server it might Gripen C in 2009 with PS-05/A Mk.3 radar.

I hope gajin change new radar (PS-05A Mk.3) instead PS-05A for sweden tech tree. and including italy (HuAF) & great britain (SAAF) tech tree

The issue here is that the mk.1 or mk.2 got a range increase update and then on top of that the mk.3 got another range increase at first launch in 2005. and then the mk.3 got yet another range increase in 2015.
so the JAS39A might even need an increase in range as it is and then the JAS39C needs a range increase above the first one, if its one step (2005) or two (2015) is up to the devs. but it should be longer ranges than it is as the current radar on both is a mk.0


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I’ll get to it in a bit.

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Hi, i just found more information (primary source) that i would like to add to one of my reports that already got forwarded as suggestion half a year back.
i have found proof of internal MAWS on JAS39 (assumed C version) (and not only the pod i had first reported 5-6 months ago).
My report: Community Bug Reporting System

i would like to add:

An upgrade ordered by Sweden’s defence force in DEC 1999 to upgrade the internal EWS-39 is described as:

" the system includes means to discover threats from radar, analyze the signals, validate them against known data, present the threats to the pilot and take proper counteractions. These counteractions include, for instance, electronic jamming against radar and radar-guided missiles, flares against IR-guided missiles and chaff against radar and radar-guided missiles."

@Gunjob could i get an answer to this? :)

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