The Gripen C and its Loadout for Sweden

The Gripen C can Use any Nato weapon, That was one of its selling points when it was being sold to other countries. The Screen shot from ( shows that the Gripen can hold all Air-Surface modern munitions in the western world and then some. The out come of this topic is just too allow the Gripen C too have IR guided Munitions that are currently in the game and maybe when the rest are added then allow the Gripen C to carry them, for ALL Gripens in all tech trees. I think gate keeping people that Grinded the Swedish tree from using IR guided Munitions isn’t the way I foresaw this game when it added the Gripen. I understand you want people to spend more time to spend more money on the game but I have spent my money and time for what I wanted and I got something that doesn’t even have Air-Surface munitions that are comparable to any other Tree (Im talking about IR guided ATGMs) Please allow AGM-65D/F/G on all Gripens not just the UK or Italy. Also allow the 5th Pylon (drop tank pylon) to hold a GBU just like in real life.

Gripen C Saab Sale Date PDF Sheet


Swedish Gripen going to recieve AGM-65G models which is even better then D.

It was reported on British Gripen and all 3 models should recieve the missing 5th Pylon.

On Dev server they haven’t. The 65G is TV guided SAP-HE Is fine but I’d really want the 65G for the Heat and Range.

G models suppose to be IR guided, perhaps you’re confusing with H model?

The Dev G is TV, Might be a typo I think for Swedish Gripen C I’ll wait and see when it comes too live just wanted to make sure this point was brought up.

The one the Swedish Gripen has ain’t AGM-65G it is a Swedish modified Maverick with the SAP warhead but AGM-65A seeker

I just checked a video to see if i was wrong but looks like G models are IR guided while H models are TV.

Might be Dev Server bug tho.

Also on Dev Stream they showed that Gripen C had 65G armament on loadout options called Rb75T, did they removed it?

When I played it yes, The Dev server is down now I can’t even see anymore but when I played around with it last night it was TV SAP-HE

Shouldnt matter, like @CoochOG said the entire point of Gripen C was the able to use all types of NATO ammunitions which includes all Mavericks versions.

If Swedish Gripen lacks them it should recieve it.

Then i might confused G models with that Maverick, if thats the case then Swedish Gripen should recieve those Maverick models.

Did you made any bug report for this? It might be needed.

I’ll make a Bug report, When I confirm it when the Dev server comes back up it might of been updated and fixed. Thank you!

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You’re welcome, please keep me uptaded.

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Yeah, this is a problem. They could resolve a lot of our cas issues by just granting us access to stuff that should be compatible instead of the Rb75t. Might be a little ahistorical for Swedish service, but that didn’t stop them giving other nations kit that wasn’t used.


for those who are unable to read the smaller text, the following A/A weaponry is what the Gripen C can carry:

  • IRIS-T
  • AIM-9X Sidewinder
  • AIM-9 Sidewinder
  • A-Darter
  • Derby
  • Python 4/5
  • AIM-120 AMRAAM
  • AIM-122 ASRAAM
  • Meteor

they just gave the TV seeker instead of IR for some reason. And the 5th pylon cant have bombs still.

For obvious reasons wont be getting IRIS-T, Aim-9X, Python 5, ASRAAM or Meteor.

A-Darter is like 100G ARH. So wont be getting that. SAAF Gripen is getting R-Darter (which is basically Derby)

Swedish Gripen C has Aim-9Ms and Aim-120s. So it looks pretty accuarte so far.

As for the A2G options. They should get an equal/appropriate AGM. But I can also see things like Brimstones listed and Britain doesnt even have those yet

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Thanks for the uptade, looks like we’re gonna need a bug report for that.

Lacks ground ordinance and 5th Pylon.

Not accurate enough.

Yeah, they all need that 5th pylon and needs a better AGM-65 Variant. But wont be getting things like Brimstone

You’re right, that thing is too advanced for now.

Wanna see that ordinance with Tornado Gr4 first actually.