The Grind Thread v. Summer Extreme

Come in here and talk about your slog through the Summer Extreme in RB. What vehicle are you going for? And how is it going?

I’m gunning for the HMS Renown, and man the first segment was TERRIBLE. I was trying to grind it out with the Tier 3 in the French tree, and it gave me some grey hairs and took part of my soul. Absolutely brutal. Switched it up to the American tree at 6.0, and I’m doing much better. Still some frustration with the Scharnhorst and Kron, but it’s more bearable since you actually score in it and it’s easier to get kills with the American Cruisers.

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Im trying to go for the navel and ground vehicles as best i can, i appreciate the British vehicles addition since the British trees are greatly neglected. So a new ship with great historical value and capabilites is definitely receiving a warm welcome from me.

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didn’t bother with the last few since they upped the requirement for naval from hard to stupid
it is just is not worth the agro
maybe one day they will come to their senses
i wont be holding my breath

Im going for all 3 vehicles, and it hasn’t been too bad so far, farming ground targets in air RB at 6.0 with the AD-4, farming Long lance kills in naval AB with the japanese 6.0 lineup, and playing America 10.3 for the ground points, with the CCVL, the AGS, the M1 Abrams, the striker, the A10 for cas and the XM-8 and Merkava MK2B as backups. I was even a jammy bastard the other day and got the M60 AMBT from one of the La Royale camo boxes so i can add that to my 10.3 lineup. overall has gone great apart from some of the naval servers dying yesterday and not counting the score from the games.

Playing the Summer Events has actually been alright for me.

You need some strategy but the 40k points requirements in AFs/GFs are high but not impossible.

For AFs, I have largely used the FJ-4B VMF-232 and the F9F-8; along the way, I’ve unlocked four Tier VII aircraft and am working on a fifth.

For GFs, I’ve mostly used a mix of event vehicles like the M8A1, US LVT-4 (ZiS-2) and a bunch of 3.X-4.X Russians…all depends on mood and match.

Naval should be easiest with the multiplier.

If you want to make the naval grind easy, use a Frigate in RB you get a high tier multiplier, the RB multiplier, and a comparatively low BR. If you know your way around naval there are some particularly nasty combos that can get you 40k points in three hours tops.

I’m disregarding the naval part this time, I’m grabbing the Patria by playing SB when the rotation is worth it, or the Type 16 in RB coupled to the Kisarazu if I die. Not sure if I’ll keep it tho, the turret riser makes it pretty ugly.
I’m also going for the Su-25BM using the Su-25, but let’s just say that I’m walking the thorny path on that one, the F-5C spam is a nightmare. And again, not even sure I’ll keep it, 11.3 for a Su-25 is not great…

Last night was Scharnhorst fest and it was unbearable. They basically only die to each other, and there was 3-4 a team last night.

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Going for HMS Renown. Going well, but god it sucks. I enjoy NRB, but only for a few games now and then. having to do 15-20 matches every 2 days really sucks and it really highlights all the problems with NRB. But doing most of it in the HMS Belfast, so making a metric ton of SLs.

I have had to buy 1 token already. Thought I had 2 more hours (as it said that token ended in 2 hours) but it lied to me, which kinda sucks. For my own sanity, I see 1 or 2 more tokens being bought in the future.

Su-25 Grind is actually not going too badly, that being said, I dont actually want the Su-25, I just like playing ASB

Also farming out britain ground tree. so probably going quite well on that reward as well, though again, I dont actually want that

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Try doing it in AB - almost trivially easy to get 4000 pts a game - and in most trees (French excepted) it’s easy enough to field a Tier V boat to boost the Tier multiplier too…

I really feel that. I did the first achievement with the French light cruisers and slowly died inside. You’re facing so many meta ships, and they just don’t have the fire power to finish opposing vessels larger than a destroyer off.

Even destroyers, your ideal prey, can work you, with your lack of armor and slow guns. Going up against Moffets is just stupid when you’re in a glass ship.

The Town class cruisers are actually quite tanky (like the belfast) because they have better armour than most heavy cruisers in the britain TT, but NRB just sucks when spammed. Though there are certainly some stronger OP ships it faces

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I wanted to try and get the SU25 but I was only able make it to 27k points in one of the first levels before I went on a 4 day vacation and I just don’t have the time. I don’t have much past rank IV so only 80% of my effort translates into points. I’ve done about 5 missions today and I have a whopping 3k points. I don’t have any vehicles to use for ground or naval so I guess I’ll see if I can buy them and sell them for a profit in the Gaijin market.

Good luck to those of you that can grind these out in 15 minutes but the rest of us with families and life responsibilities are shortchanged again.

How do you recommend to progress down the British Bluewater Tree? I want to grab the Hood eventually.

yeah… Good question… I actually got it before it was in its own tree and did do a chunk of the “grinding” befoere it was even in the game in vehicles like the London, York and Dido. Before eventually buying the Belfast. Which then helped a lot.

The really key thing I found for NRB though, is that the more you focus on the grind itself, the worse the grind feels. I’d advice just having fun with it instead and it will come when you get there. I was hardcore grinding for a battleship, any battleship (and was massively disappointed when I eventually got to the Invincible, though it might be more fun now with the HE changes) when I stopped focusing on getting to the BBs and focused on the cruisers. I had a lot of fun in the cruisers, and the rest of the grind to higher BBs felt a lot quicker. that being said, the Hood is rather fun especially when you one shot something with a well placed salvo

(prehaps I need to apply this to the current GRB grind im undertaking)

(well worth working towards the renown too, its basically the hoods little sister)

The Jervis (£6) and Mohawk (£22) Destroyers are also maybe good options for a premium destroyer to help that early grind, they are certainly both good destroyers. That being said, swapping between ships to keep things fresh and interesting helps a lot when doing a lot of grinding. I’ve started doing it with the event. Just swapping in different cruisers and destroyers.

That being said, some… tips?

  • Tobruk can be really fun, with a huge amount of 40mm guns.
  • Abdiel is kinda interesting to use, Its basically a giant destroyer rather than a light cruiser and can be fun if you can deploy your mines on a cap point
  • London is hilarious when you bring its secondaries to bare.
  • Southampton, Liverpool and Belfast are all town class cruisers, they are actually really quite tanky
  • Dido is quite an interesting ship, meant more for anti air (IRL) but its 5x 5inch turrets are really good vs destroyers and their unique design means you can bring them round onto targets really quickly, and in angles normally you cant

A key thing to note with the britain tree, Heavy cruisers usually just mean they have 8 inch guns not 6 inch guns. Reality is a lot of later light cruisers like the Belfast and Southampton actually have more armor than the heavy cruisers like London and York and the 8 inchs guns are a little… meh, at times. So if you get to the heavy cruisers, cant understand why you feel more squishy, thats why.

SAP shells are actually really good, especially if you know where to aim. But like with britain in GRB, you cant get away with just slamming shells into a target anywhere, you do have to aim for things like Shells wracks, and turrets. That being said, sometimes swapping in a volley of HE can do a lot of damage, so I’d take some of both.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions


I’ve been using F-104A & F-100A, and it’s been a vibe outside of horrible luck teams.
Still a vibe tho.

If I was gunning for naval it’d be 5.0 destroyers probably.

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I finally gave up on the idea that I could level ships and participate in the event. At the end of the day this is about points, and people are going to use the best ships to get through those points. So if you play 6.0 ships you’re going to get drug up and see way more Scharns and Krons who see you as free points in your Baltimore or Fargo.

So I said eff it, and pulled out my Des Moines, anf became death the destroyer of worlds. I’ve purposefully avoided her to avoid uptiers in my grind, but that just isn’t happening.

I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone has complained she is a floating citadel, but I had very few issues with her there. I was able to get 2-6+ kills a match and rake in regular first places, victories, and lots and lots of points.

It feels a little bad tbh, but it also made the stress of the grind much lower.

nothing wrong with using the meta vehicles for the events, if anything it means that the stats for those vehicles will show that they are overperforming and they might get balanced after the event

Hello Amigo, yes same here. I was on the first pilot task at around 35k of the 40k then realised what a grind it would be, and that I don’t do jets and that I don’t do USSR … and that I was about to do that for a Russian jet.

So, nah.

My interest in the jet is tepid, but I suspect interest on the marketplace will be far greater.