The game needs more attention

I mean if he is working and is old enough to support a family, surely he can put aside €50 for a premium which would massively impact his experience and speed up his grind, if you are really complaining about affording premiums then I would watch who I called a ‘Jobless Leech’, since yours clearly doesn’t pay enough.


The whole point of rb is to have more challenging gameplay for higher rewards, having both modes give same rewards would not only be stupid but it would make it too easy to get top tier vehicles


Plus exploiting Arcade is stupidly easy, with a team of 4 coordinating you can completely dominate a lobby, even more so than a 4 stack in air rb. This would be a major issue for the average arcade player since they usually stick to arcade since they either can’t handle realistic or are too bad to do well.

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I work from home and have a wife and still am easily able to afford to buy premiums, having poor financial choices is his problem. It’s really not hard to save at least $50 for a premium


Haha what the hell kind of sad post is this?

Just because others have time doesn’t mean you have to go on a full on rant whining about not having time and blaming the youth?

I am a grown man thank you and yes I happened to have a lot of time.

For my situation I happened to be on vacation for a year visiting my mother overseas and happened to start playing some war thunder again.

I also happened to play a lot of simulator finishing a lot of trees quite fast effortlessly.

NOTHING in the world is given to you free and you are whining about spoilt children as if I haven’t worked for my own money, my own time, and then worked to grind out the trees in the game?

The hell is wrong with you?

Fix your attitude and how you speak to others. My post is meant to make the grind easier for you not for you to throw a tantrum you have held in for all too long.

I know a person who did the exact same grinding I did with no premium aircraft only premium time and went from starting israel to barak in 4 days so what is ur point?

Fix up, Seriously. And grow up while you are at it.

Quit acting ur shoesize buddy pal, act ur effing age.

To add on, it doesn’t have to be four days back to back btw I am saying in total four days as I and others have experienced!


That should not be the point of it, it should be preference. Hell, AB in many ways is more difficult- especially at top tier. You cant rely on stealth, its an entirely different meta- and you have the sheer gall to act completely superior because your mode is ‘moar realistic’?

I am tired of RB people putting down people that play AB, the majority, I remind you, just because they want to view themselves as superior. I am tired of this stupid superiority complex you have, and I want it gone.

Neither mode is superior to another, and they all take different skills. GAB rewards reaction speed, for example, and AAB requires very good situational awareness.

Stop acting like a superior prick, please.


Out of curiosity what did you use prior to the J-7E?

I used the J-7D up until J-8B and finished the tree with ease after tallying 8B!

What did you do!?

A-5c up until rank 7 where I have used the ROCAF F-5e and J-7e to get to rank 8

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niceeee I wish I had gotten A5C

CN took me about a week & 2 days due to having to pvp which is inconsistent compared to bombing for speed running but i finished the tree and it was so worth it regardless.

Nice job with israel as well congrats.

Ironically to this Jimbo guy’s whole argument, it was gifted to me by a friend but generally i ran the HE rockets and magic 1s and consistently got 2-3 kills and some base progress every match, meaning i got to rank 7 in under 250 games

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4 days is ~9 hours of play a day.
Full-time with family is 5 hours of free time a day, math made by my father, and I refined it more for my life.
Granted, I only play about 2.1 hours of War Thunder per day.

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That’s sweet.

Don’t even bother with that argument. It’s on him regardless as you and the other guy has said.

Out of curiosity, what do you consider 4 days to be in # amount of battles played with a rank 7 jet? 300(75 battles ARB/day)? 200 (50 battles ARB /day? 100 (25 battles ARB/day)? Depending on the tech tree you would need between 180 to 300 ARB battles to reach the 700k-1.5mil RP required to reach top tier.

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While this certainly works out for sure it just gets a bit tougher with the higher tiers but grinding is part of the fun no?


Well for one I play Sim only mostly.

I rarely played RB throughout my grinds only to rush small amounts of rp if I wanted a break from SB.

But in my experience starting from rank 1 in an air tree it only takes 2-3 sim games of full grind method use to reach rank 6.

From there you can do the math if I average 170k rp every match which lasts around ~ 2 hours usually and if I am lucky and get the full 3 hours of a sim match I can push 190-200k.

That’s a lot of hours in SIM, respect. My max reward in a victory sim game is about 300k RP as well (su-25k). (50% RP 10 uses booster included)

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Thank you, I find sim the easiest to grind.

I prefer consistency when grinding and when I squad up in air rb and I get a full 25 min long match I have few times gotten 58k rp or 70k rp but this is very rare and not good enough for completing a tree fast personally.

This is why I resort to grind in Sim.

Not only do I enjoy it more and find it hell of a lot more fun bc I enjoy flying aircraft in a sim environment and find RB to be very arcade like but it is also just genuinely faster / consistent imo!

There has been fully fleshed out guides on this made on discords and on youtube so definitely check it out if interested.

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Yeah there you go too! Managing boosters as well is key to boosting the grind quickly.


Making sure you always do your daily ground & air assaults, I even went as far as buying the battlepass for the boosters lol.

What is air sim grind method please I have rank 5 US air, and A4E, and a Logitech extreme 3d pro

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