The game needs more attention

As everyone knows, last year Gaijin brought significant changes to the game, many of which greatly helped all of us, whether in the grind or in the economy, which was also quite broken… However, the game still presents major problems today, which, after discussing with some friends, we managed to reach some consensus on.

First: Even with the help from the updates, the grind (excluding airplanes) is VERY massive. In one day with a premium account + premium airplane, I managed to earn 350,000 research points, but with tanks, even playing with a premium tank + premium account, making 100,000 is very difficult. This makes researching higher-tier vehicles extremely tiring…

The grind for helicopters, ships, and especially coastal fleet boats is ABSURDLY difficult and time-consuming. I had to play all day with a premium account + two boats with talisman to research an 80,000 research points boat!

Even understanding and agreeing that making things too easy is bad for the game and the players, the complete extreme is also bad!

The second point has also been debated for a long time, which is the BR decompression. Some time ago, many vehicles from 7.3 to 9.7 moved up by 0.3 BR, which really helped decompress 6.3, 6.7, and 7.0, which were suffering a lot, but it also heavily compressed 9.0 or 9.3 vehicles (previously 8.7 and 9.0). Now, basically, any 9.0 or 9.3 match has one or several 10.3 (mainly because of the large number of premium tanks at that battle rating).

This is very unfair; some vehicles don’t even have thermal vision and have to face vehicles with much more than just thermal vision in 90% of the matches…

Previously, my favorite lineup, the 9.0 with Leo L44, C2A1, Gepard (and some 8.7 like the Class 3P and the TAM 2P), has become very frustrating because of the constant up-tiers!

The last point might be the least important, but it concerns Gaijin adding very advanced technologies for some countries while others have nothing equivalent or close to it. Currently, in top-tier mixed matches, planes spawn within the range of the Russian Pantsir AA, and this has been the case since the vehicle’s release. It is the only AA with this range, while the others don’t even come close. And now, with the new missile from the SU-25, besides Russia having the best AA, they also have the missile with the most range for CAS, which no AA outside the Pantsir can counter…

I don’t understand the reason for these additions, which obviously break the game for one side and help the other, further unbalancing what is already not so balanced…

These were the points I managed to note down. Remember, none of this is meant to be an absolute truth but rather my opinion and that of some friends who play War Thunder daily!

Have a great week, everyone!


The grind for Helicopters and Ground vehicles is what is hard.

Air is not hard.

While air sim rewards are currently shit it is still possible to consistently speedrun any of the trees with ease.

You can speedrun most if not all the trees in 4 days as long as the specific tree has a good premium jet.

For ground you can maximize rp by playing ground sim as you get average 10k rp for 1 kill compared to having to get 12 kills for 10krp in realistic.

However this is not good enough as ground sim is only available once a week for specific brs and 10k rp each match is still garbage.

So I agree with you and Ground needs to be fixed.

If ground sim could be available everyday for all brs that would be huge.

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Gaijim got what he wanted, he turned the game into a pay to win, and this will lead the game to bankruptcy like all the others

*air RB, with premium

Without premium I get maybe 3k rp for a kill with the Sk60 in RB, and for a 12kill, winning game in AB I will get 5k at most.

All rewards need to go up, especially for non-premium players. Ground is especially bad- I can get a solid 6-7 kill game with my 8.0 GAB lineup and get 2-2.5k rp.


It takes me 70-80 games just to get a new tank right now, which is obscene, and shouldnt be allowed. We need base RP buffs for all modes, especially for AB, and even more especially for ground AB.

Gaijn needs to realize that we are the majority, and that they cant shaft AB with horrible rewards just because it doesnt get as much public attention. GAB needs reworks for a lot of its stuff, but all of the attention goes to GRB, unfortunately.

As for helis…

cries in sweden

Please just gimme some rockets or something man


For my air segment I was specifically referring to air simulator!

Ground sim helps grinding helis/ground a lot but then again its only once a week so.

They for sure know what they are doing though they are intentionally doing this so I am sorry for you.

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Ah, okay, makes sense.

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I agree with coastal. Bluewater i think is fine. But Coastal sucks. Heli being able to grind with “transfered” RP from ground makes it more managable grind, but not a lot can be done till they add a proper heli gamemode.

Coastal should really get the transfered RP thing that helis got but from Bluewater. Would make the grind much much easier.

(The issue with coastal, is that its mostly Gaijin-Bots. These reward a lot less than a player kil does. That means you get a lot less SL/RP than you should per game. Not too mention the fact matches snowball much faster than they should. So they are much shorter, giving less reward. Finally the queue times suck. meaning you can spend as long in queue as you do actually in a match)

But yeah, ground sucks too. You get way too little per match.

Yep agreed. They need to fix the MM in someway to mitigate uptiers.

Yeah… been playing ADATS the last few days. and the fact people can spawn in, fire and turn away before ever even reaching my weapons range is insane. But Pantsir can fire and hit you almost immediately upon spawning in.


3- They’re working on helicopters. Further changes need an AI overhaul to be finished, which will take time.
4- I assume you’re talking about air since 9.3 ground isn’t compressed currently.
Those 9.3s should have a chance of facing the 10.3s, nearly all of them fire competent ammo, and the struggle will be reduced mobility/armor that you’ll have to out-wit superior tanks, of which your team has an equal amount.

CAS up until 11.7 seems to be extremely balanced now, I haven’t found an OP CAS below 11.3 since the BR changes.

No comment on the rest.

You don’t have to pay for the powerful tech tree vehicles.
There is no pay to win.



Of course. The people who buy new OP Premium vehicles, buy bushes to plaster all over their vehicles, and pay to spade and Ace their crews, haven’t bought any advantage over FTP players at all.

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What OP premiums? There are none.
The most OP vehicle in the game is the Jagdpanzer IV, a tech tree WW2 vehicle.
Nothing comes close to its amount of OP.

I have 2 aced crews, both free. Not required to purchase.
Spading is literally free as well.
Bushes are free 2 times a year, and they don’t offer the concealment you think they do.

This stuff all takes TIME for FTP. How long does it take take to Ace crews for free? How long does it take to get enough bushes to actually be useful? That’s why buying them provides an advantage and anyone who claims otherwise is a deluded Gaijin stooge.

Also, the bushes aren’t technically free because you have to buy at least 1 Battlepass, and then invest enough time to not only unlock the crate with the bushes, but enough also to unlock the next Battlepass for free. Otherwise you have to pay AGAIN, for another Battlepass. Not everyone has that kind of time to invest in a game. Some people have a life outside of WT. So no, not necessarily free bushes.

And it’s not simply about bushes hiding the entire tank. It’s that they make it more difficult to accurately target the weak spots.


Ace crews are insanely hard to get, so much that they are functionally a paid feature for the average player.

Maybe there is an
literally just allow turning off decorations as well as decals it aint hard


Ah, another dude gaslighting the WT community…
Ace crews don’t offer much in tanks, and air it’s almost exclusively for 1v1 custom matches.
It takes the research cost of the vehicle x 2.5.
Expert crew is the most “advantage” and that’s purely SL.

You don’t have to buy Battlepass for bushes, you’ve never had to.

Weird of you to claim that people don’t have 30 minutes a day to play a game, let alone the 5 hours of free time I allot myself for games [full time job + family free time despite me not having a full time job].

Refer to my comments above for ace crews.
Turning off decorations and decals could be an arcade battles feature.
The general idea of turning off things is dumb.

Yeah, they could reduce the RP required by 1/3 at a minimum. Or make it vehicle specific not slot specific. Crew skills are an area that need a ground up overhaul. Especially Expert/ACE mechanics


Unironically where its pointless, and legit just ignores the issue.

Agreed. Crew skills need a look-over, as does…

sighs in most of the game

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Decals and decorations do not protect you from dying.
“But the jumbo weakspot” that’s insanely hard to hit even when its uncovered, so it’s best to just avoid them until a side shot presents itself.
Which is the only tank with a small weakspot

I haven’t seen bushes as commonplace in months since decorations can be shot off.
I know I removed them from my Abrams entirely and replaced them with cooler decorations.

The only large tank I still have bushes on is the KV-1E purely out of laziness to edit its customization.
Bushes have saved me exactly zero times in that tank.

Except bushes make it hard to even get that chance. Its an advantage, and one that for most people you have to pay for. Making decals/deccorations able to be turned off has zero downsides, the only thing it affects is bushes.

Especially on micro tanks where the bushes completely hide you. I’ve been killed by a bush quite often. Very annoying

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