The game needs more attention

Ah, okay. Honestly I just think that per hour all the modes should be roughly equivalent, but I digress.

True. I wouldnt mind SB having a ~25% better/hr rate then RB/AB, but more important to me is RB and AB being the same.

Based AB enjoyer- sorry dor my harsh words earlier lol. I incorrectly assumed you were part of the RB superiority club.

Nah quite the opposite.

To me RB is worthless.

Want to play a shooter - AB is your best option
Want authentic dogfights - SB

But there is a huge difference between these two.
Most people will suffer dozens of crashes before they take off successfully. It takes days or weeks to get your first kill on an enemy fighter. Most people give up or will never even try to climb that mountain (and we call these people RB players).

But after loosing all this SL just learning to fly, i think the players that piwered through deserve better rewards than inAB/RB.

But yeah i never understood the RB arrogance either. It is as much a shooter as AB, just slower and mire boring. In SB during the phases with no enemy contact you are at least occupied by flying the plane… But in RB you are just doing nothing. I only use it for grinding modules while watching YouTube or a movie.

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And yes, 9.3s do have a chance to face 10.3s, of course, but they are always at a disadvantage since those are more prepared vehicles, faster, usually with better reload, generally better ammo, usually better armor… so always at a disadvantage, which is clearly unfair.

I find it curious that there are people who tend to say things like ‘my M22 can kill a Leo2A4.’ Well, of course it can, it’s tiring to even respond…"

“You want to talk about gaslighting?”
“I’m changing the subject to you talking about AI overhaul instead.”

I keep talking about it cause it’s in development and necessary for a better War Thunder.
Not sure why you want War Thunder to stay the way it is…

Soviets have no OP vehicles other tech trees don’t have.
Win rate is irrelevant, and down to team skill.

Comparing an M22 to Type 74G…

I really need to get into GSB. I just don’t enjoy the lower BRs and need to get better at VID all nations. I know my aircraft better than tanks

Let’s ignore the G-lynx killing my SIDAM
Let’s ignore A-10s lobbing Mavericks
Mi-28s with 6km Atakas while my SIDAM Mistral won’t lock anything unless they’re extremely close and by then I’m dead
Not to mention tons of Laser Guided Bomb able aircraft at the same BR range

But I don’t think you play the BR range to know these issues, unless you only play USSR and are blinded by the issue

Yes you do lol

This is with a premium account and a premium vehicle.

I’ve played Sim for a fair amount (at the very least, enough to gauge gains) - and you most certainly do not.
At least not in Ground Sim.

I was getting about as much as I would in RB for the same performance and game duration. At most a tiny amount extra. You are, however, welcome to post an end result screen where you got 20k RP for only 2 kills and nothing more.

That must be your issue.

Theres specific steps to recreate this as I have written.

To guarantee an average of 10k RP each match.

ALL you have to do is get one kill and just win.

The best way to win is to play an objective.

Playing the objective is easier than going for kills and will help score the win.

I have grinded all of US helis doing this and even spaded helis just grinding in ground sim.

It is not guaranteed you get a win but it is WAY more consistent doing this compared to ground rb.

Grb is a cluster fuck and extremely inconsistent.

Consistency is key to grinding.

You are welcome to post an end result screen where you got 10k RP for one kill and nothing more.

That is not how it works.

it is not that one kill = 10k rp.

It’s more like you get points which is counted as activity and you get max reward.

Getting more than 10k rp is very hard in ground unless you have a booster.

I do not play the game anymore sadly but someone else can just try this out and post if they want!

Activity isn’t counted if you’re not doing anything. Again - you are not getting 10k RP for one kill in Ground Sim. You might get 10k RP in Ground Sim for one kill, 1 cap and 2 assists over a 15 minute game.


You do not need the one cap 2 assists.

But thats still minimum effort compared to getting 9 kills in ground rb so you might as well agree?

This is extremely min effort for consistent average 10k rp you literally just said it yourself now.

Now we can agree brother!

Regardless I will keep my statement as it is my experience.

I do not want to clog this thread up but thank you for discussing.

Have a great day!

The game needs more attention

So more copy paste, more grind, more events, lower rewards is what you’re saying?

But if you’re using a premium vehicle with a premium account - you would get 10k RP for the situation I’ve described above in GRB as well? So it’s the opposite of agree. I do not agree.

I, for example, got 14k RP for a game with 5 kills in GRB that lasted 14 minutes, with no caps.

I would reckon that you would indeed get 10k RP in Sim for having 1 kill, 1 cap, and 2 assists for a game with the same duration. And that isn’t much higher gains. From my experience playing Sim. This just happened to be a screenshot that I found of my own match.

So, you’re objectively wrong. I would really like it if you said you’re wrong instead of trying to shut down the conversation.

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I’m currently playing the JA37C, all I fight are F-14’s, F-16’s, J-7E, J-8’s, and MiG-23’s. I hate the game because I have had 7 or so downtiers in the 100 battles I’ve played in this plane, and still don’t have rank 4 modifications unlocked…

There are LOADS of things that need to be fixed, from decompression, to BR changes, the Modifcations need to cost less RP and SL, and crewing, omfg, I hate the crewing system, and want it replaced so badly.

Lets talk in DM!

I don’t see why - considering this is the thread talking about the game’s problems, one of the main ones being RP/SL gains and the business model. We are being very on-topic.

Okay in that case let’s continue.

I do not like seeing long discussion filling up a thread but I have tried taking it to dm.

The match result you sent is not something I personally come by often compared to in Gs hence why I do not play rb much at all.

In my experience I get 10k rp for one kill minimum with a win.

Where am I objectively wrong?

Just because you personally haven’t experienced it does not make me wrong for having experienced it.

Why would I be lying about this?