The game is in the worst state ever

As someone that cameback to the game and is my main game now as i enjoy grinding all the nations occasionally , i can relate to some of this “issues” there is way to many matches that end in 2min .

My favorite game mode is the ones you have to defend 1 flag because what i noticed those tend to last longer , not always but the 3 flag matches are just 1 team sided way to often for my taste and for that i just leave when i die twice or so , heck i even left sometimes when my team is spawn killing because i just get bored and sometimes i spawn in a plane to patrol and enjoy the views.

Play sim

every match is one sided.

The main problem with RB, are indicators.
You can see enemy indicators far 20 KM.
WTF is that. Realistic? Zero.
It’s a pity cause RB is way more paced than SIM.
And also, you have only one life, so it’s very cool cause you have to play well.

Sad that RB have the indicators. They would be simply awesome.


New maps are all larger than the older maps.

Some yes, some no.

The normal 3 cap version of Holland is much smaller than Eastern Europe. Sun city is large, but it is incredibly restrictive, but open feeling. Even Rhine feels larger than it due to how Sun City is designed.

However they are shrinking some versions of maps, such as American desert which went from having decent flanks to a flat, cqc, hellhole. Mozodok and 1 cap versions of Alaska and Cargo Port had huge areas cut off.

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I played American Desert a lot today and I have to say the flanking is more common now than prior.
A has 2 - 3 new flanking routes. C remains essentially the same with 1 extra flanking route, and B is the same.

Honestly I like American Desert now where I didn’t before due to the old version being far too restrictive.

got banned for indefinite amount of time for same game mechanics critics on russian speaking forum. redzones and everything. how peculiar - you can criticize here but not in a domestic forum. I guess this is something that could be improved as well

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Hear hear. Also had far more fun before maps became red zones, rock snot, CQC crapfests, no flanking, no climbing, no hiding, bushes removed, important points/contested points removed, make everything a damn tunnel shooter etc. They literally made spawn camping worse with most of the changes too.

I too am playing other games or doing other things than playing WT. I usually do events, have not touched one the last year. I care little for most battlepasses too.

The naval event was broken with changes prior, they bugfixed a few in the last days of the event, meanwhile a crappy cosmetic event with extract camping, gets fixed multiple days in a row. The recent naval changes made TTK (Time To Kill) feel like I’m playing CS or a tanks… it’s absolutely absurd. I don’t even touch my top tier coastal lineup anymore after this, so well done Gaijin.

CQC sucks for e.g. German WW2 players. Their armour is made for 800m+ engagement range, not knife fights like some COD game for children with ADHD and tiktok attention spans. This is a tank game. NOT COD.

Really shows where priorities are: Churning new players who buy premiums in the crapfest called top tier who then burn out and move on.

All I see is minimum effort development. Barely any maps added, the ones that are are then turned into 3 lane crapfest (look at recent Flanders change around A, it’s already happening).

Star Citizen formula applies here:
Adding vehicles to a game engine is easy.
Adding decals/etc, easy.

Adding new game modes? Hard. Adding new maps? Less difficult but doesn’t show profit on the spreadsheet, comerade, make more premium top tier, Dovai!

Player maps when? We could make maps 10x better than Gaijin can when they contract them out to someone who doesn’t even play the game. It’s pretty pathetic really.

TLDR the game is worse in terms of replayability than ever and is beginning to lose interest to me after 4-5 years.


old players don’t spend money? if the game has come this far it is thanks to those like me who have been paying since 2013.
I saw this game born and I’ve been watching it agonize for years, so I know what the author of the post is talking about. gaijin’s only luck in these 11 years is that he has never had any real competitors.


Granted this game would not be here, but it wont be here in the future if gaijin has all ready spent what was given in 2013 😆

In 2013 did you think gaijin would of sold anime pillows?

I think you didn’t read correctly, because I wrote that I have been paying since 2013, not that I paid in 2013 and like me others have done the same, so the “old” people paid and pay, they continue to play this game and pay, despite has become only a shadow of the beautiful game it was in its infancy, and without these “old men” WT would not have had the success it had, and we wouldn’t be here to discuss it now


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Im interested to hear why you think this is the case.

The RP gain rate is pretty poor even with premium time, so I fully understand where someone is coming from if they consider their account nerfed/unplayable without paying.


I just wanna more rp and less cheater… there’r so many chinese and russian cheater in rb and ad match, which really ruin the experience for players like me who worked whole day and while I’m at home want to play this game, there must be some talented man in every match, really mad…


yep agree, for me the best warthunder gameplay was in 2013-2015… and after that simulator battle shutdown, smaller maps, spawn camp issue, premium tank issue and more and more… a **** game, but we haven’t better :/


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You mean when maps were the smallest, there was only arcade battles and German bias battles, and far worse premium tank issues.

Today we have larger maps than the past by double in size, simulator battles, realistic battles, and far more vehicle variety. I’d call that a win.

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I have the latest drivers for my 4070 Super, I run on HD everything, but a tank could be behind a fence and Id NEVER see it, but they can surely see me and kill me easy. This has happened more times than I can remember. I DONT want the old WT back bc a tier 3 could pen through a tier 6 tank’s front armor like it was made of paper. I just want the game to be fun again. I hate the single spawn locations (whoever made that a thing should be beaten to near death everyday of there sorry lives), bc the enemy will sit there and spawn camp the whole time and rack up kill after kill and you cant do anything but lose.