The future of Japanese tree

Japan is very unlikely to get a SK subtree, mainly due to the history of the country and the oppression they faced from Japan, SK players and others are very vocally against it and I’m not surprised.
As much as I’d like to see the K2 in the Japan tree, it will probably never happen and if it does, Gaijin just alienated quite a bit of their playerbase for no reason.
While I’m not sure what other tree SK would go to (China just doesn’t fit imo), I do not see it being added to Japan.

Well Taiwan is in Chinese tech tree despite their issues, so i dont see why SK couldnt be added to Japan tbh.


Just Thailand.

I said this to Morvan on Why doesn’t Japan air forces have and good CAS planes - #22 by Morvran
But I’ll post it here as well.
There’s a difference between disliking and historical treatment. That can affect a country economically, and politically for over 35 years. Most will shrug off India and South Africa. Korea both in this context will not. Both Koreas have beef with Japan for the period & as much as Gaijin would like not to play politics this would immediately force them into it.

This statement is still relevant to what you said. Both Mainland China & Taiwan consider themselves the True China. So Gaijin wouldn’t have an issue. However, Japan & Korea is a very sensitive topic/subject to the point that politics will be dragged into it.

Then solution would be either adding Korea Tech tree or adding as sub tech tree to other nation.

Problem is does Korea have enough vehicles to be Main Tech tree? And if it doesnt which nation should recieve as sub tech tree?

The solution would indeed be a Unified Korean tech tree, which someone has already suggested. Neither will be a subtree. That would also lead to scrutiny.


Wait, wouldnt that cause even bigger problems considering the history between both country and their current relationships?

No cause both consider themselves the True Korea and want to see the country unified. It’s the same standards as Taiwan and China.

Another thing is Northern Korea’s internet is so crap to the point they would never know of this nor does their opinion matter at all. There is no way someone is playing WT of a high rank to influence their media and get South Korea to agree or care.

To sum it up, NK’s opinion does not matter at all.

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Well then lets see what kind of plans does Gaijin have for South Korea, personally North Korea doesnt interest me too much but South have pretty good and unique vehicles that i would like to see in this game.

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Why make another SK/Japan debate here?

South Korea might get a combined tree with North Korea, that will be significantly less controversial.

Japan is already pretty much guaranteed to get Thai subtree, and rumored to get additional SEA countries.

Trying to force these two together is just unnecessary at this point.

I would say a lack of understanding in this post
I wasn’t making another japan/sk debate
But rather general question as what would happen japan when we’ll enter next gen weaponry as japan clearly doesn’t even thinking about making them

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I didn’t mean your post, there is nothing wrong with a simple question.

Japan does very much make them.

For air the replacement for AAM-4B (AAM-6?) is already being worked on, while their F-X 6th generation fighter project is ongoing in cooperation with British/Italian GCAP and the F-15JSI upgrade (to similar capability as EX) is on the way. Their “F-16s” are F-2s that are essentially more agile F-16s that carry more missiles and mount AESA radar and Japan also operates the F-35A, whith plans for the F-35B.

For ground I haven’t seen much on new MBTs, but the Type 10 still has an armor package not yet revealed, both ot and the Type 90 have prototyped hardkill APS options and the Type 10 specifically is still waiting for significant armor and mobility improvements. Both of them also habe their 4s reload for balance purposes, with Type 90 being capable of reloads of 2.4s, and Type 10 as low as 1.2s.

Maybe because Taiwan and China are both China?
They’re genetically and historically the exact same people, and they’re also both claiming to be the true China.

You’re comparing that to… Japan and South Korea? Two completely different nations geographically, genetically, historically…?


Not in everyone eyes and im not gonna discuss about political,personal issues.

I compared to political issues not other things, you really need to learn how to read properly.

If you wish to discuss political/personal issues either take it to Dm or share your concerns on other platform.

Because both Taiwan and China claim to be China. SK doesn’t claim to be Japan, and read what I said above. You may not have an issue with it but others will.
Again, alienation.

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I already discussed this with another person and recieved quite a good explanation, maybe you should read the previous messages before telling me to do the same thing buddy.

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I said this already.

Will the “AAM-6” be compatible for the F35s?

Also, Block IV should be a consideration for F35s in general

They can actually add a fair amount tbf, epically CAS aircraft which is something Japan is lacking
(Alpha Jets, KAI T-50s, L-39s, A-37s, etc etc)
Ground wise is a little more sparse, but there are things to add (T-84 Oplot, M60s, modernised FV101s, Stingray LTs (similar to the VFM.5), BTR-3E1 (similar to the BMP-2), M901s, M163. They’ve also got a handful of Chinese AFVs; VT-4, & VN-1 to name the current ones, in the past they operated type-69s and such, personally I find the western stuff more interesting, so I’ve more focused on them)

Asian countries are too filled with hate for each other to allow any mergers…even though they make sense. No room for hate, Asia.