The future of Japanese tree

They can actually add a fair amount tbf, epically CAS aircraft which is something Japan is lacking
(Alpha Jets, KAI T-50s, L-39s, A-37s, etc etc)
Ground wise is a little more sparse, but there are things to add (T-84 Oplot, M60s, modernised FV101s, Stingray LTs (similar to the VFM.5), BTR-3E1 (similar to the BMP-2), M901s, M163. They’ve also got a handful of Chinese AFVs; VT-4, & VN-1 to name the current ones, in the past they operated type-69s and such, personally I find the western stuff more interesting, so I’ve more focused on them)

Asian countries are too filled with hate for each other to allow any mergers…even though they make sense. No room for hate, Asia.