The F-4S missing the AN/ALE-37 countermeasure pod

The F-4S is missing the AN/ALE-37 countermeasure pod which is shown in the manual.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 183922

This shows that it would be equipped on pylons 1/9 and 2/8, but we don’t have it in game. Many other planes get over 60 even the F-4E at 11.0 gets 90. The AN/ALE-37 countermeasure pod is already in the game on the A-6E, so it would not be hard to add to the F-4S.

Put this in the Aircraft Suggestions portion of the forums. It will do nothing here.


AN/ALE-40 is limited to 30 flares IRL and F-4Es in WT will be limited to 30 flares as well come June.

No, it would need to be made as a report here: Community Bug Reporting System

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It isn’t a bug. Bugs go to the bug reporting. Adding things to existing vehicles that do not have them by design are suggestion posts.

No? I have submitted enough reports to know what I am talking about

For example: Community Bug Reporting System


Well that makes a bunch of sense… Now I know, thank you.