The enemy team consists of more than 1 bomber or attacker

Match after match - at least half of the fighters if not more - immediately go after the first thing they see.

I will be climbing and i see a swarm of red ahead of me - I look around to see if i have any assistance …

What do i see? 5 fighters tailing a bomber or attacker - back towards the direction of our airfield…

Everytime without fail- so i just want to say this - The enemy team usually has more than 1 player, lets bare that in mind next match.

When I see teams do this and I am up against majority of enemy team- i just leave.

Literally all you have to do in order to beat majority of players in this game is dangle a carrot and they will come in their droves and sacrifice everything for that carrot.

I mean the target is not a threat, there are more important threats and also - your competing with 4 other players for this insignificant kill meanwhile there are lots of other enemy you could easily get without competing for it.

Then after that insignificant bomber gets killed by someone else - you have wasted your ammo, energy, altitude and you have let the rest of your team die - for nothing and its a loss.
It literally makes 0 sense.


It’s easy kill for task “Kill something”, though their choices are questionable, they keep using plane that can’t shred wing in one shot instead of running Yak-9T or P-63

So people prioritise tasks over actually playing? its dumb.

Throw the match because you have a task to kill bomber? ok

what about when that task is finished? start another task, finish - start another task.

I play to have fun and use my vehicles yet it seems to me that mentality is not shared by 99% of community.

If we go into battle 10v 10 and 8 friendlies chase the first shiny trinket they see and abandon you - how is that gonna go?

compete with 5 other friendlies for same target, ignore the other targets, someone else gets the kill, enemy team comes in and kills all 5 players and match is over. boom lovely.

Would they reconsider the approach next match? No - their thinking “ok i must get there first this time” - - - - problem is all the other people are saying the same thing and before you know you got teammates competing with each other for 1 kill while rest of enemy team is preparing to eliminate them.

It is a vicious circle of laziness.

Imagine if you and myself are playing, we take off, climb, we see 2 enemy in the distance - you call them out to me - i respond with “copy that i am gonna leave you alone with those 2 fighters while i chase down this bomber below and behind us”

You would be like wtf mate, cheers for that.

Then to top it off i die in the process of chasing this enemy bomber and there you are, outnumbered for no good reason.

I didnt get my kill, we both died and we lost the match despite there being no genuine reason.

I could have helped you engage the enemy then after gone and got that bomber i am so desperate for.

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