The developers want to increase the BR of the Folaga and Albatros, but keep the Russian OP ships still at their low BR as SKR-7 and SKR-1 the balance is totally unbalanced towards the Russian ships

I took a look at the ‘Changes to the Planned Battle Rating for April 2024’ and at the naval level Italy is getting worse and worse despite being the worst placed nation at the naval level…

The funny thing is that SKR-7 and SKR-1 OP ships that should be increased to BR 5.0 are not being increased, while much less powerful ships like Albatros and the Folaga are being increased in BR total madness by the developers.


Yes I show concern for this as well although I’m confused if the mean the Corvette or the FAC Albatros an that’s a good thought to since there’s also only one Königsberg class mentioned in that change as well…

Hopefully not the Italian one as trying to play it at 4.0 is horrible especially with a medium craft spawn alongside destroyers & I’ve played it in their 4.0 lineup with the Impetuous class ntm since the cannons are limited to small clips it can be tricky to balance reloads in battle ntm it’s quite slow.

Even then the Gabbiano class corvette Folaga going up makes no sense either it can’t be that a poxy bofors mount makes it 4.0 worthy ntm the M-1935 M-17 going up is stupid alongside the bloody Peacock class Corvette yet somehow freaking Project 204 Corvette stays at 3.7 is a joke as that thing is OP as all hell compared to these other current 3.7 vessels.

But to the Project 35 yes I think that vessel should probably see a heavy BR increased to 5.0 but imo the Project 159 should either stay at BR or get a slight increase to 4.7 as it’s a EoL TT ship that must be researched by fully completing the tree an not skipping the grind via some poxy squidron ntm it’s only armed with RBU-2500 over the deadlier RBU-6000.

But anyway like all these poxy BR changes even if we keep being broken records replying the same thing over an over I doubt these critically need changes will ever bloody happen meanwhile these average to below average ships get shafted in higher BR’s like always while the OP crap remain low.

E: Removed a swear word I didn’t realised that I had typed, Heat of a moment & annoyance of nothing changing.


As always, OP vehicles in WT usually crowded with good/average and bad players, so its so called ‘battle effectiveness’ remained average compared to other vehicles usually only used by good and average players. See Moffet and Helena. See German 5.7 and Soviet 10.0 on the ground.


Neither of them is op right now. At 0.3 higher they will be both dead and unplayable.

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They are still at their top. Just because Atlanta is at 5.3 and dreadnoughts at 6.3 don’t make them not op anymore.

Moffett is perfectly fine, with poor survivability balancing its high fire rate. Any non trash cruiser can one shot it with ease.

Helena is in top worst 6.0 with absolutely no armor, no pen and shit dm. It can be easily decrewed by japanese and russian cruisers and ammoracked with almost any salvo. It could only go down in BR but only after massive decompression. Fine where it is now.

Any coastal going up to 4.0 is going to become Moffett food

They already are for all fletchers and frank knoxes so no change tbh

Adding Moffetts to that will make it worse.

Nope since it is not a significant change

Wrong, SKR has always been an OP ship but with the latest upgrades to HE it is even more powerful.

This ship at BR 4.3 is OP.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is most likely someone who knows very well that it is OP and wants to keep it that way.

If you’re far enough away, the rockets will wipe you out, and if you’re closer, say goodbye to your guns as they take out the rest of you. And it feels a lot heavier than something like this should be.

Honestly, this thing is one of the big reasons why people don’t persevere with naval. It’s not exactly fun to go in and get slapped around by some clubber in this OP thing.


Latest changes to HE made it very fragile. If you can aim well you can easily dismanle it with few shots at long range.

I dont expect your delusions to accept this but skr is no longer deserving of 4.7. Every 4.7 deals with it with ease.

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You haven’t played the SKR-7 and it shows.
SKR-7 was OP, today it’s a rather middle 4.3.
I’d rather be in a 4.3 destroyer than SKR-7 cause the destroyers have superior survivability along with firepower.
SKR has been corrected 3 times:
Its guns overheat easily, low-ammo supply, and only a 7 - 8km range down from 10km previously.

Rockets have a range of 1.5km, they’re very much not long range.

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Was it now…
BR Changes - January 2024 - Google Drive

I might be many things but my optician said my vision was in good shape…


It has been at 4.3 for a year, at least



Thanks for the assistance.

I hold no issue with you, but what I do have issue with is insisting on being right despite all the evidence provided being to the contrary. Which… you did. Go figure.

Also you admitted to flagging my post

When you were wrong, and admitted this less than 10 minutes later.


I beg your pardon?

You then stated the SKR-7 was 4.3. Which would imply the BR was 4.0.

So either you screwed up when typing that, or you lied. Pick your poison.

Therefore you should’ve had no issue with admitting that I was correct when I pointed out your error first time round… yet you didn’t.

You’re fooling nobody lad.


it has always been 4.3

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SKR has been corrected 3 times:
Its guns overheat easily, low-ammo supply, and only a 7 - 8km range down from 10km previously.

Akizuki’s better than SKR-7. Frank Knox, Z47, etc. Every 4.7 is superior to SKR.
As for 4.3s, HMAS Nepal, Koln, Pr206, and Z25 are all similar in performance if not slightly more.

So yeah, it’s not OP.

I kind of want Koln now, it’s a better SKR-7 but looks cooler.