The current state of the Namer and how it could improve

Helper on a russian forum stated, that Namer probably would have 2 additional Spikes somewhere in the hull.


Will it get more ammunition? At present, 200 30mm and 2 missiles are still too few, considering that he put all the ammunition in a defenceless turret.
Even if there are only 70 30mm ammunition and 2 anti-tank missiles in the car body, it is quite good.

First pic is a bug. There is no NERA there.

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I assume its going to be ERA , But you can never know with gaijin

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they model the merkava’s SLERA as NERA which gives it horrible modifiers


Yup, That’s the snail we love and hate

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Well that’s always something but 4 is nowhere near enough. Freccia does poorly with even 8. So at least 8?

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oke the thread is back with an updated title


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As mentioned above, can continue there

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