Namer 30 - General Discussion

I am quite excited about the introduction of the Namer.
I made this thread so that you may comment, discuss and report bugs on it in one single place, making it easier for the community to keep track of things.


Want more ammo and spikes for it, that’s all :D

Oh and armor.


I seriously hope the armor is WiP, a 60-ton APC having a mere 50mm armored plate as frontal protection is comical. The Namer APC was created by modifying the Merkava Mk.4, removing the turret, and returning the weight of the original MBT in sheer armor. The hull of the Namer should be the single most armored hull in the game.

Israel really ate a dick this update, Gaijin gimped our additions beyond comprehension.

Edit: also, for the guys on the English devstream, you pronounce “Namer” exactly the way it is written.


Yes, the armour has to be improved.
The English devstream did not say anything but something was mentioned in the Russian devstream.

We’ll see with more updates to the devserver, but 50mm of UFP as it is now is not acceptable.

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If it gets Mk.4 armour its going to get moved up… Wish carefully

Aside from the bull**it armor it has ingame, 5 out of the 6 “radio modules” are just cameras for the personnel inside. 2 on each side and 1 reverse camera for the driver.


Yeah… It’s far from finished but I hope they don’t ass it and be like “Yep. Finally some variety for Israel” only to end up with something that’s meh.

I am grateful for finally receiving this machine. But I’d prefer it to be somewhat effective too… More than 2 spikes please and perhaps more than just 180 rounds? I know it didn’t enter service but what’s the fun in not making it actually fun to use?


It might as well get moved up, Israel has nothing in its br range, give it real armor and more spikes


I dont object

Played a few games with the Namer and my first impression is that the amount of missiles let you do basically nothing if not in a cap zone rearming over and over again. sometimes the damn missiles fail to kill with even with 2 spikes


They need to give it more missiles and better armor and up the BR, or make it the APS trophy system version with more missiles and up the BR. The thing only has the imp chappral at its BR so it will already be an issue whatever you try and pair it with.

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Yes, keeping this machine as it is (no armour and limited firepower) with a low, but useless BR, makes no sense.

They can take it up to 11.0, where the first usable lineup exists, and actually make it a menacing machine.


The armor at the moment is a joke, the Namer is basically an improved Merkava hull, the turret of the
Merkava alone should weight around 20 tons, and the namer weighs almost the same as the Merkava because of its additional armor, So how come we got 50mm of armor on a 61 ton machine


Just out of curiosity, I know the Namer is based off the Mk4, but did they change the engine?

I haven’t really found much on the Namer myself but I was under the impression it still had the 1500hp engine from the Mk.4, not the 1200hp engine from the Mk.3 that the Namer currently has.

There are 2 Namer hulls. One with the Mk3 hull and 1200 hp engine, and the newer one which features the Mk4 hull with the 1500 hp engine. EDIT: My mistake, there is no Mk3 Namer and i got confused with the Command Version of the Merkava Mk3
which is this monstrosity

So it should have the 1500hp engine then?

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Gaijin better fix the Merkava armor now that the Namer is coming. It’s been acknowledged for several years now.

If they don’t fix the damn thing by the time the live server comes out, then I think another riot might be in order…


They placed the 1200hp engine because its smaller so they could fit even more armor its why the namer weights almost the same as a Merkava even without the turret there is also a newer version of the Namer called Namer 1500 which has a newer as small 1500hp engine so it maintains the same protection as the last one ( The namer ifv for example is based of the Namer 1500 so it should have 1500hp but the fcws-30 does have 1200hp)


So after several battles in the dev server here’s my opinion…

It’s great when you can play hull down, very hard to kill when only the turret is exposed.

Definitely needs more spike missiles, they have a compartment for extra missiles in the real version.

The real version also has reactive armor that this one doesn’t get in real life, they also removed the composite armor of the Merkava tanks, a hit from any agtm or 30mm+ will kill it.

Overall a fun vehicle but it would be better off at 11.3 with 6-8 spikes, trophy aps and some actual armor, maybe some sort of proxy round for aircraft.


It didn’t equip the Trophy system. However, more spikes would definitely be nice. And more ammo for the 30mm. While the vehicle is a prototype and never entered service. There has to be some soft balancing here. You got other vehicles with lots of more ammo and spikes. Like Freccia with its 25mm spam cannon with APFSDS and 8 SPIKEs or VILKAS with the same gun and more ammo and at least 4 spikes.

I look very forward for this. Fixing its armor, giving it a more proper ammunition load because as it looks like now it’s very incomplete. I know it’s an IFV but the entire back is just empty, straight up empty so it’s far from complete.