The challenger 2 street fight

This challenger 2 would be a game changer for the British mains with a ye UK’s new APFSDS shell L28 should also be added to the game

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L28 theoretically can already be added for the Challenger 2E (or any Chally 2). L28 is a Tungsten Alloy version of L27A1 which is Depleted Uranium. L28 is mainly intended for export.

Its possible that L28 might net a higher pen in Gaijin’s Calculator, but IRL L27A1 would be superior.

There is a report in hoping to buff L27A1 but Gaijin seems steadfast in denying any such buff. DM53 is probably the best shell we will have for now until the shell being designed for the Challenger 3 is finished (new shell) and even then, only if we have any information for it

That being said. Still love the Street Figther in game. Chally 2 with a dozer blade would be an interesting combo


L28s a tungsten alloy of the l27 round I think, so would either have similar or less pen than l27a1. What we need is for the mass to be corrected to its 5.6kg instead of its 4.8 or 4.4 that it is in game rn.