The CAS Problem


It’s one of the banes of ground RB, in moderation its an amazing idea, and adds diversity, as well as a bit more of a tactful approach to the game being necessary, but quite frankly this games lacks moderation in almost all areas, and this is one of the most prominent of the many issues.

Close air support, when balanced, organized and fair is great, it gives a way to attack players who are in a hull down position and not relocating, it can be decisive in preventing teams from capturing objectives, and is great to provide support when a teammate is pinned down.
However the key word in this is support, CAS is designed to be a supporting feature, complimentary to the main ground forces match, however it has reached a point at which it is no longer a supporting factor but the major dictation of how a game is played, and can be broken down into 3 main flaws.

1). Spawn points.
The bar for spawn points to join the battle in a laden attack aircraft is far too low, this has been raised many times before but hardly addressed, a player can rush an objective, capture a point, then suicide rush the enemy, die and respawn in a attacker with a full loadout, CAS should be a privilege, something that is obtained if you perform exceptionally or make major game influencing movements while as a ground vehicle, not something that can be gotten by just anyone doing nothing, the amount of spawn points required to spawn in an aircraft should at least double, and increase steeply as heavier, more devastating weapons are added.

2.) Kill Cameras/Revenge Bombing.
Kill cameras are a partially amazing addition, alowing players to see the direction and distance at which they were shot, what components were damaged, and allows them to avoid it happening again, by learning from this. However the camera traces right back to the tank that had shot the player, revealing the location, meaning that anyone can spawn back in, in an aircraft and know exactly where to bomb. It’s all good and well to acknowledge that in a perfect world, players would be respectful and not do this, but that clearly wont happen, kill cameras therefore need to reveal far less information about where the shooter was located.

3.) Counter-Air Strategies.
On almost all posts regarding CAS, there will be at least one person in the replies, suggetsing that the player just ‘Spawn in an SPAA or a plane’, which is a completely valid strategy and should be practiced in regular gameplay, however it pointless when someone plays this game to play Ground RB, and ends up spending the whole match with their eyes glued to the sky because of how much aircraft oppress their movements, it decreases the amount of, and quality of Tank on Tank combat, and means that whole teams can end up being SPAAs to try and solve the problem

4.) Number of aircraft.
This is seen a lot more in the BR ranges from 1.0 - 8.0, but you can find almost 90% of a team in an aircraft at times, I have played several matches where the enemy or friendly team comprises of 1 or 2 tanks, but 7-8 aircraft, it destroys the game as a whole, and at this point it’s hardly able to be called a ground battle match, there needs to be a firm limit on the number of aircraft a team can have in the air at the same time, otherwise it ruins the entire experience here.

Yeah, I know I yap a lot but it had to be said, ideally at least one of these things gets addressed, or the problem is balanced by reducing the overall capability of aircraft (e.g locking pilots in 1st person), if you did stay to read all that, thanks!
If you agree, disagree or just have any other opinions, feel free to leave a comment, all feedback is good feedback, otherwise have a great day!

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