The BR changes are terrible

Why did Gaijin ruin all the BR changes in WW2, they were fine with their current BR, why would a Tiger 2P go to the same BR as a Tiger 2H? Why would IS2 1944 move to 6.7 and get a better round? M26 to 6.7 and a new small velocity buff? Adding new round, reload, or velocity buffs to WW2 vehicles and justifying that to nerf BR still doesnt help.

The BR changes on most WWII vehicles need to be reverted, as well as Object 279. It will be hard to face 10.0 uptier.
Oh, also IS-6 moved to 7.7, the same BR as IS-4M and a new bullet which its worse than the APHEBC? What a nice joke.


Gaijin refuses to expand the BRs so they just keep doing dumb things to keep up appearances and pretend they are doing something whilst doing nothing but making things worse.


Yeah honestly one of the things i agree with you here the ww2 stuff shouldnt move obj 279 i honestly dont care anymore it isnt as previlant since the events ended

But rip the 10.0 italian small lineup

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I won’t say entirely terrible, as there are some genuinely good changes.

Naval changes on the whole are good. Most helicopters going up in BR so they’re not facing lineups without appropriate counters, good. Undertiered Russian heavies going up, good (Obj 279, IS-6, IS-3).

However, most were… not very good.

The M26 isn’t a 6.7 capable tank. Nor is the IS-2 (1944). The Tiger II (P) isn’t a 6.7 because of its poor turret armor alone. The KA-50 is, of course, still not going up. The 75mm Jumbo will be hilariously underpowered at 5.7.

SPAA keeps going up in BR, which shouldn’t happen. Britain is once again getting shafted by AA getting pushed out of a usable lineup, same with China. This has already happened to the Kugelblitz and the VEAK40.

Gaijin needs to understand that if SPAA keeps getting nerfed in BR there’s even less incentive to put them in lineups.


Ka-50 can get thermal package like irl and move to higher BR.

All these tanks on wheels with their laser rangefinder, thermal and darts can go up to 10.0 or 10.3. it’s so annoying when you play on 8.7.-8.3

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What has most distressed me has been the fact that they put the smoke launchers on it and now they put the BR-471D on it, both of which were not used by the IS-2 in WW2, now it would be a post-war IS-2, possibly That bullet was only used by the IS-2 semi-buried on the Asian borders because they were already tremendously obsolete. Also being realistic, the IS-2 in WW2 would not use the BR-471B either, as they only had that bullet for testing in 1945.

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That’s what happens when Russian tanks go up in BR, they get a consolation prize. BMP-2M got a 30mm APFSDS round it has not used in service when it went up from 8.7 to 9.3 initially, then up to 10.0 during two stages of BR decompression


I think that gaijin has been dragged by the damage model and penetration calculator that he made, and that is what is creating quite strange swings to be made apart from giving tanks bullets that they did not use, and that tanks with HEAT- FS like the ratel 90 faces tanks 30 years older.

Object 279 belongs on 8.3, and I will singlehandedly get it to drop back there.