The Br changes and tanks with powercreep

I think that this Br change while for the most part is positive might be negatively affecting older tanks (in terms of added date) such as the leopard a1a1. Despite it being a pretty good tank at its Br it lacks thermals a laser rangefinder and mobility (it is quite slow) when I see things like the Type 16 fps/p at the same Br it is quite intriguing, it has lws/Lr it is faster and has 2nd gen thermals on both commander sights and gunner sights tho it does have worse survivability and a some of what worse Apfsds tho the difference seems only marginal…

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I think that leaving the leopard a1a1 along with similar vehicles at their original Br’s. However this may cause them to be way to a powerful on downtiers, because of this I think tanks like the leo a1a1 would be more balanced in a 0.3-0.5-0.7 system. I understand that this change would take a lot of work from devs but I see it as a highly important change…

For those who wonder why I talk so much about the leopard a1a1 it is because I have experience with it and I know how it performs both on paper and in reality

I believe adding the 0.5 BR bracket would allow for much more fine tuning of balance.

Yes it would be amazing tho I think it would take a lot of work from devs….

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