The best WW2 tank ever made by a minor nation: Hungary's 44M Tas

Yeah, I know, I’m just saying “it’s about time it gets passed”. I mean most suggestions that I’ve seen get passed to the devs have way less views, replies, interest, popularity, votes, and a worse yes/no vote ratio than this one. On top of all of that, many of the suggestions that get passed are far less necessary/needed for a certain tree than this one (first researchable heavy tank for Italy?). I’m really just wondering how it is decided what should and shouldn’t be passed to the devs and what about this one is holding it back.


We also have new historical documents that Gaijin has not seen before.(scope and data sheet)


And some of the blueprints for components like the transmission and suspension…
…while on that topic, I see these images are “no longer available”… do you know why and how to get them to display again?


+1 If it stops Italian suffering I want it

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The forum broke. They have to be reuploaded or re-linked…

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Damn, well that sucks!

I have fixed the gun sight images, but I don’t remember and can’t find where we found the blueprints of things like the transmission, gearbox, running gear, etc. Do you know where we found these?

A-Tas-motorok-elhelyezése-a-motorok-homlokfala-a-küzdőtér-felől-nézve-300x212 at page 454 :

@atta26hu you have the old blueprints for the TAS,right ? The links broke for them even on the old forum.


Link to the two bellow:
The 44_M Tas Prototype Heavy Tank (1)
The 44_M Tas Prototype Heavy Tank




Hopefully these are good.


Thank you very much for these!

By the way, images 13 and 17 are in a nice large size and good quality and have their original names so I could easily replace them, but all of the other images are too small and low quality, and I don’t have their names so I have no idea which is which and how to replace them.

I don’t need images 1, 3, 4, 9 (or 13 and 17 since I have replaced/fixed them), but for the rest, could you see if you can upload them in the same way as you did for images 13 and 17 so that they are larger, better quality, and have their names?

Also, for images 2, 11, 14, and 16, could you describe what these are showing/simulating so that I can give them a caption/description?


Power transmission

tank hull, made with a computer

cut view of the gearbox
Connection between the transmission and the engines

Sadly I dont have higher resolution pictures of the other ones, I downloaded them from the archived website because the website no longer exists.


AC IV never existed in metal. The AC IV in-game is a what-if.

The 17-Pdr AC that was built was in a pre-production E2 hull.

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Basically every component existed individually at least more or less. The A.C.IIIs that were made and/or partially made are the engine and hull combo with a smaller turret ring. And the E2 prototype tested the turret. You know, basically. I’ve got to get off my butt and do some more AC suggestions.

Different turret. That was a 64” turret ring. AC IV was to have a 70” one. There’s other potential changes to such as armour thickness, different engine, internal layout, etc.

As it was never built well never know for sure. There’s plenty of preliminary information and stats, which is largely what WT is based on. I should know, I gave Gaijin a lot of it when I did several bug reports on it.

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That’s why I said basically lol, basically the turret design on a smaller turret ring. It has the gun mounted and everything at least. So it’s not like anyone can say a 17pdr AC was not possible/a pipe dream. Indeed, the mount design was used to aid in building the Sherman Firefly.
Any changes that may have eventuated would probably not have made a notable difference in War Thunder.

I want this vehicle so bad can they just added!


I see the images keep on breaking/disappearing, does anyone know why this keeps on happening and how to fix the images for good… it shouldn’t be that hard to just display the damn images!

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I dont know about from where you copy and paste your images, but I paste it in discord and then copy it and paste it in the suggestion. Those images from discord were all broken on some of my suggestions.

I have word documents of my suggestions and I replaced the broken images on the forum with the same images but from the word documents and not from discord. That helped me and fixed the issue.

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Thanks, upon looking at which images keep breaking, it seems to be the images shared in this forum that I copy straight into my post. I’ll try to copy them from different sources instead.

Edit: I fixed the images now, hopefully they won’t break again.

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One of the best suggestions on this forum +1