The "Battle" submode in Ground Realistic needs to go

It incentivizes all of the negative, more frustrating ways to play by providing no real objective to take (due to how exposed the cap points are and how long it takes to cap) so what happens is, both sides find nice cozy little places they will stay at all game camping; making the map into a giant TDM match where neither side wants to go anywhere so if you DO decide to go anywhere you are instantly punished and killed by 6 different people all camping bushes watching all of the driving lanes.

With no objectives, it forces a campy playstyle that is frustrating to play against.

Simply remove it until you can rework it… I suspect you (gaijin) even turned up the chance of it appearing after you recently changed the UI for it.


I personally enjoy a break from the usual “hold W” playstyle. It also allows me to play tds as a td by finding a nice ambushing spot to cover our cap.


I would also be ok with me being able to ban specific sub gamemodes.

You can definitely play conservatively in other modes though, and your playstyle described is very “anti-fun” to face.

I dont doubt you can do ambushes in the other gamemodes. However, I find it more challenging to do.
Maybe my playstyle is not fun for some. It is just how I enjoy playing tds. I love whenever I can get a good map where I can park a jagdtiger or some other heavy/slow td and pick off targets.


Battle mode is most boring mode for GRB. There is no motivation to move around. Late game is just stale and there is nothing happening. Also one of the multiple reasons why I use one tank lineup. Domination mode is probably most suitable mode for this game.


BTW there is a bug about the missing match status overview in the respawn window. When implementing the new status display Gj forgot to activate it in the “map” screen. So actually one has no information about the match status when selecting a vehicle for respawn, only when switching to the statistics screen.

Artillery makes tanks move

Yes, i have seen this, it can be vital to know what the score is when selecting your tank, but you can find it via score board, which is a bit of a pain on the fly

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CAS mains: I won’t allow you to do that bro, I will come and bomb you and remind you who is the boss of this game.

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I hope they fix it asap

I actually like it. The matches with this game mode usually end up being longer, more hard fought and, to me, more enjoyable. Classic domination with 3 caps is fine as well, but the one cap gamemode is the one I’d like to see removed.

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Battle is a solid mode. It is indeed basically TDM, that’s the idea. The cap zone only exists as a failsafe to prevent steamroll spawncamping, both by ending the match if you cap the enemy one, and by encouraging some degree of defence of your own (rather than a mass blind rush). The real objective is depleting enemy respawns, it’s all about attrition.

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I like Battle. Usually lasts longer than a regular match and games can end up being very tight. Probably one of my favorite modes.


lol maybe 2 feet

I just prefer to only play 3 cap modes

Yeah I don’t see how it’s fun to force everyone to play passively and camp. It just punishes moving.

So it incentivizing slower paced gameplay is negative?
I see you prefer smaller maps then.

Max targeting accuracy for radio operator is 46m

I just mean that artillery doesn’t actually make you move far because the “splash radius” once the smoke shells come down and see “where” it is, isn’t very large.

Also, should be mentioned that not everybody gets artillery either from vehicle class or stock grind lol

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Its extremely boring - and players act like braindead lemmings - end game is just stalemate, Also people tend to be very toxic in this mode - pushing teamats from cover (because somehow you take “their” spot on map) - chat **** etc.
This mode bring nothing interesting gameplay wise and only further decrease map awareness that is already abysmal.

Just give us a option like night battles so we can switch it off.

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