The "Battle" submode in Ground Realistic needs to go

Sure that’s a good way to make queue times be longer which you and others would complain about.

I would not care at all.

I don’t recall asking for your opinion, did I? especially after replying to a comment that has nothing to do with you.

I spawn once or twice before leaving, by the time a team gets half the points needed it’s essentially over and it’s extremely slow paced and drawn out where you either spend a decade trying to capture the zone or aimlessly drive around looking for the last 1-2 players.

No. Battle is great. It’s the only mode that doesn’t play like a game of COD, and where SPAA and spawn-point attrition is actually a factor.

Conquest should go instead.


Ok, no need to get upset.

It’s quite literally team deathmatch though? I don’t understand this viewpoint.

I believe that he is referring to how it is much slower paced and less of a “hold W and rush” that the regular game mode tends to be.

Don’t worry. I do not understand his point as well. I agree that Conquest mode is bad, especially those where you have point on one side of the map as this is just lazy design. If I could I would just play domination as I enjoy it most. Picking point and defending it is just fun.

Also you can always leave when match become unfun stale mess. It is not your job to stay and fight until end of battle to make other players happy. Your fun should be always your priority. It is up to Gaijin to make environment where are players are somewhat satisfied and we know they are quite incompetent in that department.

Be it COD or WT, Team Deathmatch is always the slower, more “tactical” mode, compared to the more action-y three-cap mode (COD’s Domination) or pure hecticness single-cap mode (COD’s Hardpoint).

It absolutely makes sense that WT’s TDM (Battle) is the same way, being the least “hold W” mode.

You’re just describing camping as being tactical, which it isn’t.

It is though. At least going by the definition of tactical

there is nothing tactical about choosing to sit in one spot beyond a small initial decision. it is more “tactical” to move through the map.

It’s deciding to stay in place in order to minimise the possibility of being spotted/engaged while also allowing for you to better engage targets due to them not being made aware of you.

If it is not tactical, irl military is not very tactical and snipers are not tactical at all.

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This should go to suggestions not game discussion you wont achieve anything here and probably there it will be ignored also