The "balance" of anti-air

looking at this update have made me massively annoyed.

ONE silly update, that was all it took for Gaijin to fill the gap since the Strela was moved up in BR!

Yes, i know ZSU-23-4M4 was in the works before the move, which in itself is effing sad, because that means Gaijin was trying to improve the AA line in the USSR tree when it had one of the absolut best AA in the game at that spot.

Then look at the other trees, there are HUGE gaps, and still they choose to boost a tree where there are enough as it is.

i use the M16 at BR 6.3, because i just don’t think the m19A1 or the M42 are good (Using the US example)

Either they are truely showing a bias or they just don’t care for balance. (and i honestly don’t know which of those choises i prefer :/ )

And please don’t come with the usual “then spawn a plane”

A plane is quite a lot more spawn points than an AA.

Should the plane option be viable, the nations with shit defence against air should have the SP on pure fighters lowered.


There are so many things they can do to improve the balance against CAS, we’ve been talking about this for 10 years, it’s blatantly clear Gaijin has zero interest in doing this, and is just going to milk things, as is evident with how they’ve just released one of the most boring updates in the history of the game whilst simultaneously one with the most copy paste and the most expensive ones.

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They’ve made the ZSU-23-4M4’s missiles absolutely busted as well: MANPADS Missiles and Overload: The Technical Details - #1000 by Grimtax

At close range it is literally a more OP Strela at a lower BR than pre-nerf Strela was.


While I have not played it in a game yet, I don’t think it is stronger at close range than even the pre-nerf Strela, at least in pull. Those targets are pretty slow and the stinger also has an uncaged seeker which you can lead shots with to a similar degree.

Hell, the 9M39, at least from videos of it launching (maybe it just looks that way, but in reality it isn’t, it still seems like so) should be a bit more nimble at lower speeds (I am talking about the phase of flight that comes after the autopilot corrects itself just after being launched out of the tube and before the rocket gets the missile to top speed). May be a similar situation as with the Magic 2.

I do know, however, that the basic 9M39 should NOT have a proxy fuse. But even then, the 23-4M4 can also carry Igla-S, which does have a proxy fuse and a slightly longer range (5.2 km \rightarrow 6 km)

Correct me if I am wrong on the low speed pull as I am just eyeballing it from the video.

Okay, what SPAA did the US have that would fit at a BR of 6.3?

Okay, what SPAA did the US have that would fit at a BR of 6.3?

9M39 is like this, for a long time. adjust it‘s track instantly after firing, but after this, it’s a normal manpad with poor 10g overload. Few people notice this as it’s not widely used.

M114A2 (M114 chassis with Hispano-Suiza 20mm as seen on Sub-I-II) could be 5.3/7

RADUSTER (M42 Duster with radar) could be around 6.x

T77a. 6x .50s on a chaffee chassis. Not 6.3 material but def better than the M16.

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No, Soviets do not have the best AA in that spot.
Germany has Gepard and Ozelot, Soviets have the Shilka M4 which you don’t get lead on the AAMs for.
No country has a gap at 9.0 anymore, but the Soviets did.

CAS being only OP at the top end now is good, as progress has been made.

Weird… only the Hungarian air had copy-paste in it really.
The rest were all unique vehicles.

LOL! Imagine calling Iglas “busted” or “OP”, the worst manpad in the game.
Good to know you think Ozelot is OP though.
Sorry CAS is no longer OP at 9.0… no I’m not.

I had the pleasure of trying out the chinese 57-2. I would rather say, that those proximity HE can be really overpowered, if you cna lead even a little bit. I would almost say its just as good as the 23-4 with its radar.

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Iglas are not as bad as you say. It’s doesn’t get proxy, its max g-overload is only 10.2Gs, unlike the Stringer’s 13Gs, but it’s slower, so it has more time to maneuver into planes than the stinger, although, it has less effective range because of it.

And offcourse someone is trying to derail the discoussion.

A fact is Gaijin either don’t gice two stack of feces about balance or are so biased they are giving some nations all the defence in the world, while other severely lack.

At this point it’s embarrassing to look at tbh.