The Ariete SUCKs

Sorry if I’m putting your favorite/national tank in the dirt, but really I don’t even play Italy and it’s obvious to even me that it’s the worst MBT in the game and it’s actually criminal it’s even 11.0 yet gaijin really thinks the poor thing deserves to be stuck up against Leopard 2A7Vs and STRV 122s as it’s BASE BR?

It’s a 10.0 tank fighting 11.0s and it’s sad.

Please buff it or make it 10.3 even if it means giving it a worse round Italy needs love.

[if you have anything to change my mind on this please comment]

It makes really good pasta. Definetly a factor for it being 11+


But on a serious note, Ariette and LeClerc both probably need the same kind of TLC Britain has badgered Gaijin into doing for the Challenger 2.

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Are you going to give any recommendations? Like what buffs do you suggest better engine, armor, reload, or ammunition?

At least have something more then just buff the tank. They could literally just increase the guns elevation and tell you your welcome.

From what I heard, the Ariete should have armor more like the Leopard 2A4 on the turret.

Okay, pull up the documents and send in the bug report.

I don’t have them, that’s only from what I have heard from others that had those documents.

Okay, atleast we have a direction now. We can look for these documents and ask others for help on this research.

Need a dedicated thread like the Chally 2 one

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There is already an acknowledged bug report about Ariete armor.

Could you post a link to it so i can see?


You should change this thread name to (Ariete) [History, Performance & Discussion] and change the categorie [Machinery of War Discussion] or if someone wants to make one.

Cool that was recent so they may be adding it to a future patch.

Didn’t they give the war kit the same armor values as a log?
Either way Gaijin needs to stop pretending Italy has a top tier.

It would be nice, they also said about spall liners for Ariete being in works, so tanks should get better, though still not 11.3-11.7 level probably.

The war kit only adds reactive armor on the sides and another MG.

Or they added 5 tons of armor without adding armor.

Nah, it has values of heavy air.
Farts of cows from Alpine foothills collected by Oto Melara personnel.




tbh i think you’re better off getting the log then the war kit.