The ARB matchmaker needs some serious work, this is unacceptable

Since the patch hit, 11.3 battles look like this pretty often, they are definitely not fair. This is 16x 11.3 aircraft vs 6x 11.3 aircraft, 3x 12.3 aircraft, 5x 12.0 aircraft and 2x 11.7 aircraft. This is absolutely ridiculous.

The matchmaker does not enforce ANY sort of balance. The literal only rule there is is the range of 1 BR and the maximum of 4 aircraft thats 1 BR above you. Thats it. This is seriously lacking.

The matchmaker should ensure:

  • that the teams are more or less balanced in terms of BR - I dont expect that the amounts of same BR aircraft on both sides will be enforced, but I dont expect the average BR to differ 0.45 on the two teams. The average BR for ally team is 11.3, the average BR for enemy team is 11.756. That is insane. And average BR is not a good metric to begin with, it is awful and still wouldve prevented this scenario.
  • That the uptier/sametier/downtier games are consistent across the board. It is absolutely unacceptable that for the past 50 games with my 11.3 vehicle, I have seen about 2-3 downtiers, less than 10 same tier battles and the rest (35+) uptiers. I dont expect an even distribution, but this is unacceptable.

The matchmaker not ensuring the above 2 points and constantly throwing you in 16v16 battles (thanks for the new toggle for smaller battles, Ive been in 1 for the past 50 battles, great job on that) makes some BRs and vehicles borderline unplayable. I can not constantly defend phoenixes and AMRAAMS in a 11.3 vehicle with low amounts of countermeasurers.

And I should stress 11.3 is not the only affected BR. I cant imagine playing a Draken at 10.7 with 12 countermeasures and seeing F-14s every game.


I can confirm that playing 11.3 in other nations but USA is quite unpleasent. I dont mind facing some f14 once a while, but 80% of the games with atleast 3 or more is quite huge dissapointment.
And facing fox3 missiles in this BR is joke
Draken in other hand doesnt get that much F14 games but 10 F4S is also painfull to play againts with 12 countermeasures

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More like since the sale began.

Matchmaker from 10.0-12.0 is flooded to shit with premium aircraft. That is why.

Will say skill issue just because this really only applies because of premiums on sale right now. Yes it is dumb that the small games literally never happen, but the only “almost unplayable” BRs are 9.0-9.7 due to all-aspect missile attackers being spammed.

Again due to the premium spam flooding the matchmaker.

More like since the sale began.

It started happening right after the patch but in a less obnoxious way with just the F-14 spam, but yes, the sales do not help the situation. But if the matchmaker was setup in a reasonable way, it would not be happening.

Here is another great game!

My team has:


Enemy team has:

  • 1x 11.7 (R73 VYUUUUUUUM)
  • 7x 11.3

How am I supposed to decide on the way I play when I have no idea what I can be facing? We reduce multipath to 60M, we promote climbing strats but if I do it, I get slammed by an ER from 8kms (notching and chaffing lmao try again).

Please fix this. I havent been in a full 11.3 game or atleast an 11.7 game in days. It always is 12.3, the only difference is, sometimes I dont have the 12.3 planes on my team, only on the enemy team.

The BR decompression is not fixing this issue, you will still be in these unfair matches.