The air defense for the high tiers have nowhere to go. WAY TOO SMALL MAPS

If you spawn in an air defense especially those with missiles only you have nowhere to go / hide on A LOT OF the maps. Which means every plane on earth (in the solar system?) knows where you are. And even if you stay at the back of the map around the spawn you can still get shot by the machines on the ground probably from their spawn. Some maps became insanely small. So small that they are unplayable (I would have used other words). Let say that I would never hire the people who made those maps even if they are the only people left on this planet.


Depends on the job they would had to do…

I can’t fully support the “AA is useless now”, but would fully underline the worthless small map - part.

I probably said it incorrectly. They are semi-useless on the small maps. One way to fix it is the make the maps “longer” behind the spawn so the SAMs can maneuver and hide there. And I mean much longer. Not like 100m. More like a km.


War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. This also makes SPAA pointless as they’re restricted to one general area with no room to hide / maneuver.

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Making SACLOS spaa not begin tracking for ~500 meters while having the average map size is <2000 meters is fantastic. It really punishes ground players for using SPAA which is the absolute worst way to counter CAS. Hopefully more maps will become like this so people will stop wasting their spawn points on SPAA and grind their air trees so they can spawn camp CAS players which will always be more effective than waiting for them to drop their payload until they can be killed.