The AH-1F is 9.7 with shorter range missiles than the Mi-24A, both have rocket CCIP

Have you actually used the Strela? It’s all aspect lock range is awful, it can easily be out ranged by a semi-capable player.

Wasn’t it improved with the new update allowing it to lock targets against flat sky?

didn’t Strela literally just get the optical lock mode?

It can pull 20g (Double the stinger), has the new optical lock mode, and has triple the warhead size of the stinger. At 9.3 vs 9.7 ocelot

Yeah it got the optical lock added. I’m not sure it added any range, but it’s more resistant to being flared. However only works in clear skies (not sure if that’s done on a weather setting basis or literally if there’s clouds behind the target though).

The optical lock was super good when released but it seems like they nerfed it. Opitcal used to lock at about 6km now doesnt lock until 3.5km. But it extends the heli lock range so it is still better than nothing.

You would be correct. He complains about missile range yet I have yet to see him use hellfires past about 2.5km. And yeah, there is alot of heli rocket use which explains why he wants this heli to be moved down so he can use the rocket ccip in his 9.3 line up

Hell yeah

We should make it 12.3 instead.

Sure just give it AGM-114Ls

No need

We’ll have to disagree

It could get access to the Hellfire and Stinger.

Though I would much prefer the addition of the Super Cobra and it’s variants as used by the USN.

German and Sweden teams have such things called Begleitpanzer 57 and CV9040 and its variants which were in game earlier.

It has improved range now compared to what it was however if enemy heli plays right range will be just as horrible as it was.

Improved range only under good weather with no clouds (like I said though, I’m not sure how this is calculated).

Do you still not understand that Russia has to win somewhere?

Mi-24D at the same br as Mi-24A: 😏
Mi-24A and Mi-24D having CCIP (and RWR on the Hind-D), the greatest armament, and the greatest top speed in their rank: 😏
The AH-1E being worse in pretty much every way yet at higher br: 🤨

Also, don’t forget to consider how ridiculous they are in PvE. Sitting at a base after taking out half of it and waiting for your rockets to reload only for an Mi-24A to respawn, fly toward the base, and rocket it out from under you from several km away before you’ve even reloaded is truly an experience. Yes, this has literally happened to me. Many times.

Better optic, better rockets compared to Mi24A/D, ATGM is better than on either for having more penetration while not losing all that much in distance, you also get twice more.
20MM, still better optics and thermals.
Not to mention better maneuverability while also not having possibility of its blade striking its tail in the game simply because its not modeled.
Mi24D should be 9.0 but that wont happen unless someone performs good in it, and only Mi24D you can currently get is hungarian one, just because Gaijin removed D variant from buying for USSR just for a money grab with Ka-50.

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The Mi-24s cannot rotate , their rudder might as well be not working lol , so for rocket runs the AH-1 is much better

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I know, I have used the thing, you need to set your coll really low in order to not get too much speed while saving your turn rate, and you need to be quite high and preferable above tanks. You get a second to shoot with this strat.

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i use it like a biplane, turning with W and S, the rudder is simply useless lol

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