The AH-1F is 9.7 with shorter range missiles than the Mi-24A, both have rocket CCIP

This helicopter should be 9.3 at best

More like MI-24s and others should move up.

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Or they can both be 9.3

US Helos are chronically overtired relative to others, get used to it because it doesn’t get better.


mi-24a - poor maneuverability compared to ah-1f, poor zoom, falanga missiles are bad, very hard to aim at med/long distances, lack thermal

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Both lack thermals

BGM-71Ds aren’t?

True which is why I say 9.3 not 8.7

AH-1F - War Thunder Wiki seems that it has thermal.

Well ingame it just says NVD so I don’t know


check the image, it is thermal.
Can u show me the zoom in AH-1F and in MI-24A?

For w/e reason it appears it does have thermals that’s probably why it’s at 9.7

Take off the thermals and put it at 9.3

In test drive

u can check the zoom in x-ray mode.
can you say for mi24a and ah-1f?

the mi24a is fixed 10x and the ah-1f is 2.0-13.0x

the 24a also doesnt have rwr, or ircm, and the ah 1f carries 2x the amount of missiles

You completely ignore it having better zoom and thermals, while MI-24P/V have bad zoom and no thermals. I suggest taking a look at vehicles first rather than making a topic.
Mi-24A has starter like ATGMs and bad rockets, same problems like P/V while having no countermeasures, no air to air missiles, doest even have RWR or LWS.

The thermals are not listed on the modification screen which seems to be a bug.

The zoom is irrelevant both have high zoom.

Its not a bug but just how its made.

More like your ignorance right here, zoom makes it much more comfortable and possible to hit vehicles, especially moving ones.

Thermals are listed on every other modification.

That is a bug that it is not listed.

Yes, both have zoom.

Its not a bug, no Helis have thermals listed, all say NVGs.

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And AH1F has superior zoom, iirc.