The AH-1F is 9.7 with shorter range missiles than the Mi-24A, both have rocket CCIP

By 2.0x

β€œnot a bug”

β€œit’s not listed intentionally”

The bugs are a feature

It still has superior zoom, much better maneuverability, thermals,is smaller, its 20mm cannon outclasses 12.7mm on Mi24V while outclassing 30mm in one thing and that being not fixed into place.

Yes, remove its thermals.

If it had thermals why should they be removed, just so you could take it in your 9.3 line up or smth? If BMP2 is on 8.7 and i remove its ATGM will it make it 8.0 then?

It has thermals.

Its thermals need to be removed so that it can go down to 9.3 BR.

Why should it be removed ? What is the reasoning to remove something it had realistically.
Also even with it AH-1F has better penetration.

Because without its thermals being removed a position at 9.3 can’t be justified

So you re just trying to find an excuse to downtier a heli while comparing it to something it has even amount of pros and cons to.

It is comparable to the Mi-24A as an ATGM helicopter, the problem is it has thermals making this comparison moot.

Remove its thermals, place it at 9.3

Your joking dude.

Lets compare em two.

Mi-24A: terrible rockets with low amount of penetration, no damage.
AH-1F has good Hydras with ok pen and ok damage.
Gun: Mi24A has 12.7 in limited rotation.
AH-1F has turret with 20mm.
Mi-24A gets early soviet ATGMs with low pen, bad stability and control, while having only 500mm of pen.
AH-1F has TOw-2s which are more controllable, have almost twice of penetration.
Mi-24A has no IRCM, no RWR, no LWS, no countermeasures, its heat signature is big, and it cant defend itself against aircraft.
AH-1F has IRCM and 20MM in a turret so defending is much more of an option, its also lighter, smaller, much more maneuverable.
AH-1F has 2-13 zoom and thermals, Mi-24A is fixed to 10 without even NVG.
So many pros compared to Mi-24A yet you say that.

Its ATGMs are much more controllable, have almost twice the penetration, dont lose up in distance as much.


Yes remove the AH-1F’s thermals and place it at 9.3

Complete ignorance right here.

Of what?





Icon shows you more than enough.

another poor quality thread, you are aware that the AH-1F flies way better and is more agile, while the mi 24 series is a giant bus to fly, seriously you should at least understand the basics even more so as a heli rusher


on tanks are listed, not the case for helicopters or planes

this guy is dumb, the mi24s are flying bus with horrible zoom optic and the missile atgm has a very bad movement to hit

you dont have mi24s so your opinion on mi24s are irrelevant