The Addition of a new swedish fighter

I’m a warthunder player that has played the swedish tech tree for a while and one thing I noticed was the lack of fighters and after reading an article about it I found the IAR 80

You might already know there’s already an IAR 80 in the Italian tech tree if I’m correct, but this one is a swedish variant of that same fighter and I found out that it’s also supposedly historically accurate

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It’s the Italian TT.

What fighter? The IAR-80??? The IAR-80 was a Romanian fighter, operated only by Romanian Air force.


Thers no poll to even upvote bud…


The I.A.R. 80/81 were Romanian and only used by Romania.
Ingame it is in the Italian tree.

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The only thing I could find related to the supposed “Swedish IAR 80” was this drawing on Pinterest.

However, without any other sources it’s reasonable to assume it is only a “what if” concept art, entirely fictional.

There’s also concept art of reverse-engineered Japanese Zeros, BF-109’s list goes on.
So I’m not surprised if Swedish were considering to purchase one of the IAR’s since they practically were interested in everything.

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There’s a list of Swedish military a/c on wiki - List of military aircraft of Sweden - Wikipedia

Most are easily recognizable - 1 experimental fighter is Sparmann E4, which has it’s own wiki page in Swedish I presume - Sparmann E4 – Wikipedia


If anything sweden should get a TT J9

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Or even better the J30 mosquito we had in service after WW2 that lasted a while