The abhorrent state of Heli EC PvE and the poor implementation of Heli EC PvP


Many War Thunder players have at least heard, seen, tried or at least suffered in Heli Enduring Confrontation. The alluring nature of a helicopter-dedicated mode with Arcade flight model, Air Sim-esque gameplay and Air sim-esque rewards surely attracts a ton of helicopter enthusiast (or players looking for a more diverse CAS option) among the playerbase. I mean, who wouldn’t want to grind their Valkyries as quick as possible, in a game mode that offers a lot of in-game rewards comparable to a simulator game?

Unfortunately, Heli EC - especially their first game mode, PvP - wasn’t the sunshine and rainbows players expected. Veterans from 2019 will remember how screwed and downright unplayable Heli EC PvP was, especially with the introduction of Eurocopter Tiger HAP/HAD with their 20G Mistral (which was nerfed), and the notorious Ka-50. Imagine fighting advanced helicopters with unflarable AA missiles and Vikhrs in a helicopter as miserable as a Mi-4AV or H-34.

A lot of players were left unsatisfied, proven by multiple posts criticizing the horrible state of Heli PvP (including myself) and long story short, it was removed and replaced with Heli EC PvE in 2023.

However, the question of “Has Heli EC PvE brought anything meaningful to the problem in Helicopter grinding?” remains.

The answer was “It did, for a while”, until players realized how half-baked the game mode is. Bugged objectives, targets not respawning, unclear boundaries between what rank and what BR can you face Rolands in, and more things that makes the mode second-to, if not as frustrating as Heli EC PvP, such as the fact that Gaijin picked Rocky Canyons as one of the maps in the EC’s map pool.


Heli EC PvP was - in its latest state - unplayable. No BR bracketing was personally the biggest problem I have encountered in this game mode, as one of my first experiences in playing the game mode was getting sniped by Ka-50 in my Mi-4AV. I managed to create countermeasures against these menacing machines (sneaking, launching salvos of rockets to detonate Vikhrs, and more), however it didn’t increase the odds of winning a battle against heli like Ka-50s.

The suggestion that I propose to Gaijin, is

  • To bring this game mode back with BR bracketing to ensure that earlier generation helicopters won’t face advanced generation helicopters with proxy fused ATGM and/or AAM; a similar system to Air Simulator’s BR bracketing, if not Ground Sim’s vehicle grouping
  • Then, use the Heli PvE-sized maps and difficulty parameters to compensate the helicopter’s capability in each BR bracket.

This might be a problem since Ka-50s BR is at 11.0 and it is on Rank 6, which means that it can still be a problem against other 11.0 helicopters, but Gaijin can simply raise the BR of this thing to 11.7, on par with its Ka-52 brother and Mi-28NM rival. Although, this might be a problem for other 11.7 helicopters. The solution to this is simply to

  • Add Hellfire Lima (AGM-114L) to end-game helicopters, as a counter to Vikhrs;

It has LOAL, proximity fuse, sufficient range and a lot of platforms can equip this ATGM. Note that this particular suggestion will create another problem (imbalance) in other game modes (such as Ground RB or SB), therefore I personally think that this is another problem that requires further research.


Let’s say that Heli EC PvP was removed for the reason that it is already dead, too toxic, too grindy and not amusing anymore to players. What should Gaijin do to the PvE game mode? It’s actually a pretty simple solution with a very difficult problem solving; bug fixing.

Heli EC PvE is riddled with a quadrillion of bugs and emptiness, one of the example is ground objectives not spawning. I had a match where no convoys spawned for the next 10 minutes, no offensive and bases spawning for another 10 minutes. I have yet to found the reason to this problem, so I have no further comments on this particular matter.

(here’s one of the funniest bug in Heli PvE that has been fixed [probably], I introduce you “target spawning outside map boundary” bug)

The other infuriating bug (to me) is the “Land on any pad” objective bug. Have you ever capped a zone and when you return, you can’t finish the objective “Land on any pad”? Congratulations, you are now one of the many players that are frustrated with this bug.

  • I have made a report about the “Helicopter PvE Capture Point Bug” bug in fact, although it was in an older version of War Thunder (last update), unfortunately no devs had bat an eye through it. I guess it wasn’t comprehend enough and needed more proof or something.

Then, the emptiness. Personally, I think Gaijin only need to

  • Increase the spawn rate of each objectives or diversify the objectives that needs to be finished. I don’t think borrowing objectives from the old Heli EC PvP would be a large problem, no?


As frustrated as a player can be, I can only hope that the developers will be able to tackle these problems soon. A lot has been poured into making these two game modes and unfortunately problems still persists in these game modes and none of them are getting taken cared of. If reviving Heli PvP is a no-go, then at least fix the Heli PvE game mode, for crying out loud.

Lastly, pardon my horrible grammar and english as I am not a native english speaker.


Funny how the Tiger helicopters were nerfed, but not the Kamovs, even though Kamovs were still massively superior to the Tigers. Now Chinese helicopters have the ability to carry x16 (against the Tiger’s x4) 20G missiles that have almost double the range but the Mistrals still haven’t been fixed. But hey, no bias right ?

From a balance standpoint, this mode is tailored for the money grab the Ka-50 (or any Vikhr capable helicopter) is and playing this game mode without a Vikhr carrying helicopter was downright soul crushing. I wouldn’t wish it even on my worse enemy.

Other factors that made this game mode terrible was how long it took to reach the fight. You spent 90%+ of the game just flying to the objective.

As someone that leveled up my helicopters through Heli EC PvP and that was on both sides of the Kamovs, I can only say this : Heli EC PvP is perhaps the single worst designed game mode I have EVER played in 15+ years of playing video games.

Here are my suggestions to fix this game mode :

  • As OP said, implement BRs in this game mode ;
  • Vikhr carrying helicopters must be pulled in a different matchmaking. They are simply too strong in such a game mode. It is as simple as that ;
  • The distance to reach the battlefield must be drastically reduced. You shouldn’t spend 90% of your game traveling, only to get killed by a Ka-50 standing 8.0km away from you ;
  • The distance to reach the battlefield should be adjusted depending on the BR.

With all these fixes, I would consider playing this game mode again.


Id love a really decent heli mode. Would be so much fun

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Thank god someone literally had the same ideas as mine, felt really good knowing this :')

As I said before, adjust the difficulty based on the way PvE adjusts their difficulty

About the Ka-50/52 problem,

I don’t think it’s quite as simple as excluding a certain vehicle, although at the same time, it is that simple too, example is Ground SB, but again, will Gaijin sacrifice some of their profit to create a better game mode? Especially when we know that:

same here, really wished Gaijin fixed all of the problems in Heli EC PvE, at the very least…

Not sure why anyone would think Heli PvP is a good idea

Vikhrs were absolutely awful, can’t imagine contending with Vikhrs and Spikes (the UHT wasn’t fun either).

i think how this objective means is you land on a pad, then return to your helipad
even then, you got a very little points for doing so to an extent it’s better for you to attack those howitzers rather than “landing on pad” objective

it is a good idea, if implemented properly, like Ground SB or Air SB

The PvP I don’t think was stopped due to it not being fun or occupied… It was the blatant kill-exchanging that was going on that consigned it to being removed.

oh yeah, that, almost forgot about that abuse

Heli PvP was hell. Worst mode in the game. It can stay gone.

Heli PvE has been dogwater since inception and Gaijin just refuses to make it worthwhile for the 2/2.5hrs required on average to finish it.

No, what killed it was the filthy Kamovs ruining everything near completely uncontested and nobody wanted to play a mode they were helpless fodder in.

Trying to play anything, especially starter helis, against Kamovs was the worst gameplay experience I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing.

agreed on both points, idk when will Gaijin fix these issues…

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I’ll tell you; Never.


lmao, never put up hopes on Gaijin ever…

sucks tbh

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Yup, never. Always 1 step forward, 3 steps back.

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wished i could post the clip where i did exactly that here, but no, the size was still too big

not interested in uploading it anywhere, maybe later

There is no world where heli PVP can be implemented “correctly”.
And there’s an AI overhaul in development which will certainly improve ALL PVE in War Thunder.

Heli PVP isn’t needed.

Vikhrs aren’t even a top 5 AGM anymore.
They were #1 until PARS-3 was implemented, and they were only #1 cause they were incorrect.

AGM-114L would require BR 13.0.

Your bug report also lacks the appropriate information to repeat the bug.

Kamovs were “nerfed” 3 times since PVP closed its doors, and two - three times when PVP was operating.
Vikhrs are/were effective 8G missiles for a year. Their maneuverability might’ve been buffed last major, but so were all SACLOS missiles.

there isn’t an EXACT procedure to repeat the bug; it happened so randomly. One match you can get it on the first cap point, one match you won’t get it at all. Happened to me yesterday; played in Afghanistan and the objective didn’t bug out for once, played another Afghanistan and the 2nd cap is bugged.

There is an exact procedure, and I posted it as a reply in your bug report.