The 12.0+ Stock Aircraft Issue

and do you think I have access to the snail database to make this query?

Then how do you know that IR > ARH?
I dont think it is because your experience playing top tier.

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the answer is in the query within the snail database

so once again

I suggest playing with more with the AIM-120 so you can open your eyes, ARH does everything the IR does, but way way way better

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aim-120 the most easy dodge missile

You haven’t really proven shit, do you think talking is proving it?

Every ARH missile is the most easy to dodge missile, because they all share the same chaff resistance in game, except for the AIM-54, wich is way easier to notch.

I think this image of your stats shows that you have no idea on how missiles works or wich ones are better.

The MiG-23MLD dominated ARB for a year because it had the best radar missiles, then the F-14A dominated because it had more radar missiles, then the MiG-29 dominated because it had R-27ER and now the F-15 and any plane that can use AIM-120 dominates because it has the best radar missiles.

You have only played 6 planes that can use good radar missiles.

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the Β¨%$*%Β¨# image does not show the number and type of missiles fired. so don’t come and say that missile β€˜X’ killed more than missile β€˜Y’


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Time for silent Chair for you two.

Thanks for headsup @Laserdestroy_1 please use the report button next time.

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