Thank you Gaijin for making this awesome game

I started back in Feb. 2014, just planes and they had just gone from the old 20 tier system to a 5 tier system just before I started. But I liked the flying, still do, but I have also enjoyed the addition of tanks and the naval mode too. The game has come a long way in that 10 years. I have been here playing almost every day, save about two weeks when I was moving, so I have got to witness & participate in the “evolution” of the game over that time. There are MANY things I like about this game, or I wouldn’t still be playing after all this time. . . lol. The game is “unique”, one of a kind and has many aspects I really enjoy. Being an older “gentleman”(I use the term loosely) I have been playing games for well over 60 years and this one has kept me entertained(hell, just watching chat is more entertaining than tv), fulfills my “task & reward” desires( I do like the many things we can accomplish) gathering in as many vehicles as I can, PLUS . . some really good game play. Some of the matches can be insane, close, competitive and exciting . … yeah I know, not every game turns out that way, but when a good comes along . . . it’s awesome. The shear number of vehicles and the detail put into them is pretty amazing. I also like that I can play with, meet, make friends(and frienemies!) with people of ALL ages, from all over the world . . that still amazes me that we can do all this in real time from the comfort of our homes, or where ever you sit when you play(Command Center!!). Sure there are things I would change if it were up to me, and I think every WT player can say that. But it’s also nice to play the game we’re given and do the best we can regardless of situation or circumstance. I have met so many cool, nice people and had some many fun games here . . . I have spent some money over time and I can still say, worth every penny. [Last time I checked, about $0.01 USD per hour played over the 10 years] . . . quite the bargain/entertainment value . . and I honestly hope every new player can have as much fun and enjoy their time here as I have . . ALL of 'em!
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The visual models on some of the latest vehicles are honestly pretty good.
So is having the ability to have custom user made skins for aircraft models!

It’s also nice that the devs have really gone out of their way to improve the player experience recently! Stuff like being able to do tutorials for munitions like ATGMS is super helpful!

I came back in to see what other positive things people had to say, but it was an argument started about CAS. This forum is awesome ; )

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I really do hope that is a typo, i can remember the zx80, i have no idea what was before then

hes stuck in groundhog day hes lived 60 years worth of the same day over and over

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I’ll be 67 years old in a couple of weeks . . and before cellphones, the internet & cable tv . . . . people played games for entertainment a LOT more than they do now . . evolution of “killing time” and finding something interesting to do . . . . same as it ever was . . . how do you think games were invented in the first place?? . . . . outta boredom, no doubt . . ☻


I quite enjoy most aspects of Warthunder. Air RB is pretty great, and the opportuinty to play historic planes and mordern planes I have seen up close is amazing. Ground modes have a ton of fun lineups and vehicles to use, and it doesn’t get stale because each nation has its own challenges to overcome. Naval is pretty fun too, being able to rush around in a PT Boat or obliterate other ships with 14in guns on a Battleship is just great.

I really enjoy the realistic modeling and effort they put in to make the vehicles feel unique, and the amount of detail they put into the vehicles and maps is pretty amazing. I haven’t played a game this much with this much effort since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Truly an amazing an unique game.

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Im actually quite pleased, congratulations m8 show the youngsters how its done

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My family had started with some kind of TV Pong game console in the early 80s… had fun with that, until the control started to become unstable to stop playing it lol… then Vic-20 / C-64 and so on lol

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Thanks guys!


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The Chinese crew voices in this update are great! They must have consulted someone who really knows Chinese military culture to make them. Thanks to the developers who worked on this.