Thank you Gaijin for making this awesome game

Everyone uses these forums to dump on Gaijin but they never give positive feedback on updates people like so i think it would be a good idea for people to list here positive things we want Gaijin to do more of instead of asking Gaijin to remove half the game because you personally don’t like a certain feature.

we need both positive and negative reinforcement if we want Gaijin to head towards a certain destination.


Thank you for taking the time to say so! the Devs will appreciate it for sure! o7


I like it when Gajin listens to player feedback. Also love it when Gajin make jokes at mishaps like the “free Abrams” thing.


It is especially fun when they make references to the memes that are made. Its shows that they do see the community and the YouTube shorts guy. It is by far the best game I’ve enjoyed and I appreciate all the hard work the devs put in. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Thank you, and attack the D point.


the War thunder YouTube channel is really well made and makes relevant jokes its a big departure from classic corporate slop, it really builds a community i think


Love the aesthetic of the new North Holland map, as well as the layout. However I still haven’t gotten it in game, so I don’t know how it plays. More maps like this would be amazing. Love the graphics, though it could use a bit of a “upgrade” or streamlining to run smoother. Have always enjoyed the Strv 103, however hull aim needs a slight looking over. Overall a great game, but a sometimes lousy (& Degenerate) community. There truly is nothing out there like it, cherish and treasure that, don’t take it for granted, but still have fun with it. There is still a road ahead, so don’t get discouraged, take it easy, and do it for the community as a whole, not just one group, and enjoy it. I still think a “I survived BH40K” tag would be funny. I agree that people need to chill out, even though I can get a bit hot headed when I get mad at the game, this should be a good vibes community.

Edit: Ngl, I kinda thought this was gonna be a “click-bait” fake, like “I hate this game” kinda post, glad it’s not : )


North holland is really fun especially the indoors area I’ve played all types of vehicles in there from MBTS to light tanks/IFVs and no matter what i have fun. not to mention is beautiful


Maybe you should read more

Positivity?! At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within this forum?!

Jokes aside, this game is impressively well optimized for what it does, and the amount of vehicles you can use is impressive.


I like that they put in effort into making the Swedish TT a original Tech tree, and i hope we will get more domestic designs in the future. And i love the detail and attention to our tank culture they paid attention to! So gaijin thank you. Dont stop now. We like original stuff!

These forums are full of people who love the game, when we bitch and complain its out of a passion for the game be better than it already is, we wouldn’t have years and thousands of hours clocked in the game if that wasn’t the case


im hoping its so devs are more likely to see appreciation

North holland plays like east europe mixed with breslau, its very good but has teething issues and odd out of bounds places in some game scenarios

I enjoy the game to the point that I actually maintain a premium account which is a positive.

But as a paying customer if something game breaking isn’t working , then I have no issues with being negative.


This is the type of post I really like to see. Ranting about how you don’t like [insert feature here] gets you nowhere, but constructive criticism and acknowledging what the game does really well as well as where it faulters and could use improvement is much better (it also makes me less irritated because it means I don’t have to see people whining about chat for the millionth time).


As you keep playing over 100 games a week, you must be enjoying their “toxic experience”.


If they at least corrected the damage model and the penetration model, the game would be much better, more balanced and less unfair, so there would not be so many people complaining other than about the issue of the maps and some balancing, since in essence the game is very good in its base, but there are things that need an immediate change. The problem is that gaijin at no time has come out to say that he is going to modify the damage model of ALL tank ammunition, improve the penetration calculator and model well the armor and volumetric bullets. We have only seen a small glimmer of hope when they said that they are going to modify the damage of the APHE, which would be a beginning, but gaijin I don’t trust how this can end.

Great game, currently grinding for the fv4005. This game portrays the fv4005 in the most realistic form i can get as a computer multiplayer game with hundreds of vehicles.

Why would you grind for that piece of garbage?

I love it.

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