Teammate phenomena

so how come when anyone is your teammate theyre horrible, but when theyre youre enemies theyre amazing?, this goes for ussr players, german players, etc, also they should remove cas from the game



I’ve actually noticed this. It feels more and more like I get paired with people who flunked High School, mainly for ground. I’ve not had this issue with air battles. We would get absolutely stomped in ground all the time no matter what team I was on.

the one game today where i was paired w anyone but the soviets was a great success lmao (this might be a 10.0 issue for now)

I’ve been only playing air. Gaijin ruined ground for me. Tired of getting stomped by people with more time in game than in school at this point. Just isnt fun anymore.

same deal as air, im terrible at air, but im slowly getting better, only bad thing abt ground is cas smile, and it sucks so much that planes look so goddamn awesome but i just cant really get into em

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As a ground main who shifted to air, air is actually 10x enjoyable than ground. It quicker to progress and allows more quicker action as well. It too is a steep learning curve but not as harsh as ground is because there is no learning the entire map inch for inch. It’s how well you can use your planes ability and understanding your enemies capabilities. It worth it.

i personally have never needed to learn maps in ground, i just shoot at people and thats about it, whereas air in the one vehicle i grind with (a-5c) is just incredibly… consistent, i get .94 tonnes of base bombing, and kill 1-2 enemies, and thatll be every game ever

I mean. Yes and no. There is already a thread on it and I am too lazy to find the link but CAS needs to exist for War Thunder to keep their… realism… even though nothing about the game is realistic as is… but in some sort of note, more control over it especially when you can have several CAS jets up at once, where that is actually no where near realistic. Why send so many valuable targets into a warzone? The issue is sitting 30,000 FT in the strato with GBU’s being untouchable. That is the problem. Anything else is fair game, this is just a abused game mechanic. GBU’s should have a max height at leave enforced for the SPAA sake of no more than 15,000 at least. because 20,000 and above is hard for those with 1080p and barely visible for those with 2k, assuming it even renders in. It’s a broken mechanic which is why it’s widely used. A strategy is something used for gameplay that has a win/loss potential and no guarentee of success, this is just abusing a game mechanic to your advantage with a guarenteed win at that point, unless you have a player who knows what they are doing, but good luck. Enemy AA will have you lined up in a heap of scrap before you can get there leaving the CAS to keep picking off your AA without a chance to fight back.

GBUs are the route problem, not CAS itself. CAS is fine, bomb to your hearts content and strafe, its the guided bombs from space which is the problem.

why do helicopters not emit any ir signature at all

They do, but its a very small Signatur+ modern helis have even stuff to hide this allready small Signatur even more

yeah helis might be even more cancer than cas planes somehow

Those space bombers like A-6E is pretty cancerous lol you cap then you die. Also helis who sitting at helipad and launches missiles at cap point.

i just hope that i can get real good w the tor and Try and annihilate all of em