Teamkillers on Plane matchs

I honestly don’t know where to post That’s it, less than 10 minutes ago, I simply entered a match where an F-16 fired 4 missiles, 3 of which hit 3 allies without having done anything on takeoff, I tried to shoot it down to stop this (I know I would also be wrong, when I simply look back and see another F-16 hitting my aircraft), I ask, what for? There’s something funny about sinking your team in the top 2 first minutes of the match? Gaijin Can’t do anything about it? Any mechanics or something? This happens on basically every team, it gets ridiculous, especially in top tier and mid tier.

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All i can suggest is dont be the guy in front of your team at take off

AFAIK they disabled weapons on airfields some time ago and TK trolls stopped. I never experienced this on lower tiers…

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Personally, I can’t see how they’ve been let to get THAT bad, that they’re actively constantly getting away with it, so much until someone actually hits up a CM about them…

And even when I hit the CM up about them it took a few responses and direct mentionings to get anything done.

1 squadrons squad, killed the entire team… Those players should be permabanned, but I doubt they even got a week… I’d have even deleted thier squadron being that it was the leader that was partaking.

All unbanned… Should never have been let back…

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Teamkilling happens quite often in Air RB.
Especially in props it is depending on daytime, server and teams rather rare to have 2 matches in a row without seeing a teamkill.

Gaijin refuses to disable friendly fire in Air RB and is unwilling to solve the teamkills by ramming problem - for ages.

The recent change ensures that you save repair cost if you get teamkilled, but your boosters are gone. Currently a teamkiller gets kicked after 2 teamkills and there is a auto-ban-system in place which counts damage on friendlies.

To prevent this there is little you can do in jets besides late spawning (so first spectator mode to check the take-off of your team) as mentioned by the fellow player above.

With props the safest way to avoid getting teamkilled is to fly airspawn planes - and spawn in as 4th bomber ot 5th interceptor or last strike aircraft. You see the planes of your team upfront.

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They don’t need to disable the friendly fire, just start banning those who think it’s funny or even slightly appropriate to be TKing like they should’ve all along…

The fact of this ‘change’ being brought in, is likely only because of the severity of the reddit post shown, and the way that they did it for multiple matches, same thing…

It was a temporary measure taken to fix the rocket team killing bug.

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You sure on that?

The fact that this is even a thing shows badly on the game and the rules that players have no care about to be real…

Some players just deserve to not play, no matter how much some would proclaim that they’re the paying customer base… I’d happily pay more to not have crappy players who cannot control themselves playing.

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It was.
Of cause it is already gone because Gaijjn already fixed it.

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theyre awesome