Teamkill price in simulator

When playing with the mig23-ML the iff often gets it wrong. Mostly at low altitude the iff system in the radar thinks a friendly is an enemy. This can be historically accurate and isnt a problem. The problem is the increase in the fee for killing a teammate while thinking it is an enemy. At first the fee was about 50k silver lions but that has been increased to 95k silver lions. An absurdly high amount of SL while the 50k already is harsh enough. I hope that this can be reversed or that the rewards will be increased per kill/usefull action.

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No,its just that MTI mode on the radar doesnt have IFF, only regular SRC does. So its user error. IRST doesnt see difference between friendly and enemy either.


Ok but in a realistic scenario you are with teammates that have the same jet (so easily recognizable), communicating via radio, and seeing a different jet means enemy.
In wt you have a bunch of different jets + captured ones flying randomly, they should account for this imo because user error becomes inevitable.

That’s why the universal thing to do is press “follow me” quick message, it pings your location on the map. OTher players then respond and you can make a guess as to who is who.

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And what do you do about new players to SB? or also players who dont communicate? that happens pretty often

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My last game my missile change for a mate who go between me and my target and flare so the R60M go on his ass, and in the end of the battle 95.999 for friendly fire!!! WTF?.!

No I’ve had this with the SRC radar as well, usually when there’s a friendly and an enemy are close to each other. I’ve had this happen a number of times. I’ve also had it the other way where I only see a friendly but get shot down by the enemy who my friendly was chasing that I couldn’t see (on radar or visually)