Teamkill by flares?

I had a strange situation yesterday.
Played the MIG 23 MLA and the game told me, that I killed a friendly with a flare… WTF?

The guy i allegedly killed was also confused and wrote me, that he just hit a tree and crashed.

Did my flare burn his shiny paint a bit or what?

Does anyone know more about this new wunderwaffe, that cost me 50k?

Flares can do damage in this game. In this case, it did an insignificant amount to your teammate who then decided to crash. The game then decided to credit you with a teamkill, as they crashed after you damaged them. Unlucky but be careful using flares lol.

Good video showcasing this:


thx for clarification… never saw this before.

But when I have to use flares I have other concerns than burning a hole in my teammate^^